Transvestic Fetishism-Shut up and put on your panties!

I seriously doubt it, but it may be possible that you’ve never heard the term Transvestic Fetishism. If not, its because you’re spending all your time online looking at crazy captions, outrageous stories, and possibly watching forced feminization videos.

According to Wikipedia: Transvestic fetishism is having a sexual or erotic interest in cross-dressing. It differs from cross-dressing for entertainment or other purposes that do not involve sexual arousal and is categorized as a paraphilia in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of the American Psychiatric Association.

Butt wait-there’s more!

Transvestic fetishism refers specifically to cross-dressing; sexual arousal in response to individual garments is fetishism. Some male transvestic fetishists collect women’s clothing, e.g. nightgowns, babydolls, slips, brassieres, and other types of nightwear, lingerie, stockings, pantyhose, shoes, and boots, items of a distinct feminine look and feel. They may dress in these feminine garments and take photographs of themselves while living out their secret fantasies.

There are two key criteria before a psychiatric diagnosis of “transvestic fetishism” is made:

1-Recurrent, intense sexually arousing fantasies, urges, or behaviour, involving cross-dressing.
2-This causes clinically significant distress or impairment, whether socially, at work, or elsewhere.

So now what? You have a paraphilia. DON’T LOOK IT UP. A paraphilia is more or less a fetish. Congratulations on having one of the most creative fetishes there is. I think so anyway.

“Cause significant distress” ….hmmmm. So what does that mean now? Are you a complete psycho? Should you be put in a straightjacket? Should you try to never, ever think about such things again?

Are you going to stop looking at magazine ads for bright, red lipstick and imagine it being carefully put on you while your arms are tied behind your back with silk scarves?

Are you going to stop going straight for the women’s clothing circulars to look at pictures of pretty blouses and dresses before you even read the newspaper?

Are you going to pretend that you don’t want to be caught in panties, blackmailed, then punished by being transformed completely into a beautiful, very feminine woman?

Cum now, its way too late for that. The only thing you should be concerned with is if it causes distress and trouble in your everyday life. This could be from guilt (a biggie), a partner or spouse that either doesn’t know or doesn’t get it, or the fact that whenever you see a pair of nice breasts you scream out: “I WANT TITS!”

Try to avoid that if possible. As for what to do about this complicated, bizarre, stressful situation, I have a simple suggestion.

Shut up and put on your panties!

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