The ‘whys’ of Forced Feminization

Have you ever wondered just how your forced feminization fantasies began, and how they evolved? Maybe you started by simply putting on a pair of panties, and admiring yourself in the mirror. It felt fantastic and you looked as cute as a button in that frilly nightie didn’t you?

Then one day just dressing up just didn’t seem to be enough. You had to play a little story in your head, a very special story.

One or more of your female friends or neighbors pop in and just happen to catch you prancing around the room in your lingerie, or is it their lingerie? They are going to tell everyone-EVERYONE! The whole world will know your secret, and you will never, ever be able to live it down. Your friends, co workers, family, and everyone in the state will know that you are a panty wearing sissy, and never let you forget it.

But wait-maybe there’s a way out of this mess. You plead with the girls: “Please-please don’t tell everyone, I’ll do anything you want, anything you say, anything.”

“Hmmmm,” they think for a second. “Maybe you need to be taught what being a girl is really like. OK panty boy, you’ll do anything we say? Well, we have an idea.”

Of course that idea is to transform you completely into a girl. COMPLETELY!

Years go by and although there are probably many variations to your fantasy, in essence you have to be feminized, and forced to get properly excited.

You see a picture in a woman’s magazine at the doctors office of a very pretty but very angry looking woman, and you imagine her holding you by the throat while she puts bright red lipstick on you.

You’re watching a movie about cheerleaders, and you fantasize about them capturing you and turning you into one of them. Your life will never be the same.

On Sunday you go right for the color circulars in the newspaper and look at all the pretty dresses, swimsuits, and lingerie. You need to be put into panties and taken to the store-ASAP!

Or maybe, you’re sitting at your computer wearing your favorite babydoll and matching panties, listening to Forced Feminization MP3’s, and rocking back and forth in ecstasy with a vibrating Rude Boy prostate stimulator up your ass.

And yet you still don’t really know why you have this particular fetish. Why it is so irresistible to you. Why you spend hours and hours and hours imagining all the ways you can be teased, trained, transformed, and tormented through forced feminization.

Well I am finally going to tell you why. Why it started, why it is so exciting, and why you cannot fight it.

Wait a minute here, did you say that you don’t have a vibrating Rude Boy prostate stimulator up your ass?

If that’s the case, then the question is not why-but why not?

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