What else do sissies do?

What does the average sissy do on his day off?

Does he dress up in his prized shimmering pansy sissy dress, jump up and down on the bed, and say “I’m a girl! I’m a girl!” over and over in complete bliss with the clear conscious of the innocent? Some do, some do.

Does he prepare for his Mistress by experimenting with a series of large anal toys, meant to prepare him for that very special day when he will finally prove himself as a full fledged sissy? A few do, a few.

Does put on his incredibly sexy, oh so feminine, black satin French maids uniform, and dust the bookcases until he makes a tiny mistake and has to be spanked until he explodes into his panties? Only the lucky ones, and then only on a good day.

So just what does the average sissy do in his off time?


Some go bowling, or fishing, or boating, or biking, or jogging, or work in the garage, or clean their rifles, or ride their motorcycles.

Sissies are normal people with normal jobs and a normal life most of the time.

They simply like to do other things as well. Like prancing, but that’s a whole different post.

If you saw one of these hard working, loyal, trustworthy, brave clean and reverent people at the 7-11 you probably wouldn’t recognize them as a sissy in a million years.

My hat is off to you sissies, just like Mary Tyler Moore.

Catch it if you can

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