Lets talk Panties

One day a long time ago you discovered the pleasure of wearing panties. Maybe it was after a game of baseball with your friends, or a long bicycle ride. You didn’t plan it, it just happened.

There they were just sitting there looking all pretty and feminine. “I think I’ll try those panties on” you said to yourself, so you did and your life was never the same. You knew immediately that wearing panties made you feel fantastic. You didn’t know exactly why, and probably felt a little confused and guilty about it but there was no turning back.

Years later you may still not know exactly why you love to wear panties, and may still feel confused and guilty about it, but this is something you love to do and it gives you a tremendous amount of pleasure.

After panties you most likely progressed to nightgowns, because they were often in the same place. The hamper, laundry room, or maybe in someones dresser drawer. From there you explored wearing stockings and pantyhose, bras and slips, blouses, skirts, dresses, bathing suits, and anything else soft and feminine that you could try on when no one was home.

As you got older wearing panties became a slightly different experience, a highly erotic one, and you began touching yourself though the lacy, silky fabric. You would think about being a girl with beautiful firm breasts and you would masturbate to a tremendous, explosive orgasm.

But wait, those weren’t your panties to play with. You couldn’t just jerk off into someone else panties and pretend it never happened, or could you? Did you end up stealing those panties and hiding them? Maybe you discovered that the pretty panties hanging on your neighbors clothesline were there for the taking, almost calling out to you. Or the panties helplessly spinning around in the dryer of your apartment building. Those women would never know right?

Even though wearing panties that weren’t yours was a big turn on for you, it was dangerous and you may not have found enough panties in your size, or the special, ultra feminine panties that you dreamed about. But that was then and this is now.

You can still go out on a warm summer night and steal lingerie from your neighbors clothesline. Maybe the house is filled with beautiful, slightly drunk, lesbian makeup artists and hairdressers. They might just catch you getting greedy and going for the bikini set right near the back door, when BAM!

The door smashes open and they all rush out and tackle you, shoving panties in your mouth and tying your hands with the bikini top hanging out of your pocket. They are incredibly strong, and you realize that you’re completely powerless. “Lets teach him a lesson-Lets dress him up as a girl!

Or they might simply call Big Jim, the 6 foot 5 bodybuilder that owns the house, who beats you to death then calls the cops. Panty stealing is a risky business.

But what other choice do you have? You need your panties!

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