Sissy Assignment-Lingerie Shopping

I’ve started a series of audio assignments to help you realize your true potential as a sissy. The first is for those of you that would like to go into any and every lingerie store and buy pretty things for yourself, easily. In this assignment I help you find the confidence to do just that.

It consists of 5 parts:

Step 1: Dress for Success. What to wear, how to act.

Step 2: The Entry. What to say and exactly how to say it.

Step 3: Shopping. What to buy for “your girlfriend in “her” size.

Step 4: Details. Making friends with the salesgirls.

Step 5: The Purchase. Browsing and buying.

This is an introductory assignment to help you try things that you’ve been afraid of. Each assignment gets progressively more challenging. For example, you will wear your newly purchased panties to the next assignment.

Note: I know that for many of you this is child’s play. But believe it or not some men are not comfortable in lingerie boutiques.

Here is a preview: Assignment 1

The full length 11 minute MP3 is available here: Sissy Assignment 1-Lingerie Shopping

Just do it!

4 thoughts on “Sissy Assignment-Lingerie Shopping

  1. Dearest Mistress Teresa,
    I have often shopped for lingerie in the local area and am thrilled to be in the lingerie department. It is thrilling to have panties, bras and pantyhose and a dress in my cart while walking through the store. Sometimes there are Tampons and condoms in there too. So far I have not ran into anyone that I know who would easily see my purchases. Once I purchased A red lacy long sleeve top and a black leather mini skirt with pantyhose. The sales clerk put them in a bag and said, “here are your cloths!”

  2. Dearest Mistress Teresa,
    Whenever I shop for lingerie, I always wear panties, pantyhose and a bra. If anyone looks close enough they will see that I am not wearing socks, but pantyhose. Sometimes, I am also wearing a large tampon.

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