Feminine Voice Techniques

Some of you wish you could sound more like a woman don’t you? Once you’re all dressed up in your finest lingerie you look into the mirror, blow yourself a little kiss, and say something like: “Oh I’m a pretty girl, yes I am.”

But it may not be convincing because you sound like Tony Soprano, especially if you’re from New Jersey. Of course with enough practice you can learn to change your voice, the tone, and the way you speak. But like any new skill this takes time and practice, and also has some inherent danger that you may not have considered.

Lets say you master the technique and can now talk like a woman whenever you want to. You makes videos for you tube, call friends, and maybe even phone in to the home shopping channel just to hear yourself talk about the blouse you ordered on the air. So far you’re having a ball.

Then one day after work you stop at your local bar for a quick beer. The bartender asked you what you’ll have and without thinking you say in your feminine voice: “I’d like one of those drinks with the cute little umbrellas please. Oh and can I have a pink umbrella to match my panties?”

This can be trouble, especially if your boss and co workers are sitting next to you. Its like your Mother warned you-keep taking like that and one day it will come out at the worst time.

But as usual I have a practical suggestion. Why not focus on learning to moan like a woman having an orgasm while you’re having your own orgasm? You don’t need to remember a lot of words and practice will be its own reward.

I happen to have an example of a real 50 second orgasm for you to listen to, download, and learn from. Yes, 50 seconds is not very long, and if you have a longer one please contact me and I’ll see if we can get you into the Guinness Book of World Records.

Good luck and remember, Its in the way that you use it, it comes and it goes.

The Mistress Is Pleased MP3

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