Forced Feminization Defined

What is Forced Feminization and how does it work? Is it forced? Is it feminization? Is it embarrassing? Is it humiliating? Is it fun?


For those of you that have questions, or want to accidentally leave something on your computer for your wife/girlfriend/neighbor to find I’ve put this together just for you.

Illustrations by Rocket Dave from Deviant Art.

Forced Feminization Defined by Teresa Bowers

Forced Feminization Defined by Teresa Bowers

Forced Feminization Defined by Teresa Bowers

One thought on “Forced Feminization Defined

  1. Teresa , I have experienced “forced feminization” before BUT NEVER to this extent … “I” would “LOVE” to be forced to wear my prettiest “PINK” girlie outfit with YOU taking me by the hand in front of ALL your girlfriends (3or4,maybe even 5) and making me model my ‘pink’ 5 inch platform high heels ,,,, along with a very frilly ‘pink’ garter belt (from Fredericks of Hollywood) that keeps my pink sheer nylon “seamed” stockings up ,,, a very short ‘pink’ slip with a serious lace hem ,, my most girliest pair of “pink” see thru lace trimmed string bikini panties with a ‘pink’ bow on the front ,, pink lace bra ,, tight ‘pink’ skirt (very short) & matching top….. To have you ALL present as my hair , make-up & nails are done —— talking about this weekends “Lingerie Party” that you are hosting ,, where “I” will be your personal “French Maid” to serve drinks & present “lingerie” of ALL types to your guests on hangers OR be made to very embarrassingly MODEL (in detail) for you & them !!—– I hope “pink” lipstick will match my ‘pink’ feather duster… AND if “I” may add ,,,,, I’ll probably ‘spill’ a drink ,,,,,,,,,,, in which case I’ll definitely be properly ‘punished’ with your thick wooden very “pink” hairbrush & spanked until my now girlie panties are pulled down to show how bare-bottom spankings are administered by YOU !!!! — “I” am for real ,,, can we talk ???? MY E-mail is below ,,, please keep up your good work I love it & YOU ,,, Respectfully Greg…

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