How to be a French Maid

You’ve decide that your true calling in life is to be a French Maid and serve your Mistress in any and every way she desires. Now what? Maybe you don’t even have a Mistress yet, maybe you don’t have a cute French Maid uniform, maybe you don’t even shave your legs. Not to worry, its all about your attitude.

Of course at some point you will need to shave, wear silky, lacy panties every single day, as well as stockings, high heels, a wig and full makeup. This can seem overwhelming to the beginning sissy maid, but fear not, I will help you.

As I mentioned earlier, its all about your attitude.

“Oh yes Miss Teresa, but how do I develop the proper attitude?” you whine.

God question, easy answer. Put on your panties and the dress.

“Yes, but then what? Isn’t a French maid uniform very expensive? Is there a way to prevent the inevitable stains from showing? I’m not very good at cooking a roast, will I have to cook a roast? And, and, and….”

You see, this is not the right attitude but I will answer the most important questions. A French Maid uniform does not have to be expensive, it just has to be very short and very cute. Cheeky if you will.

Lets say that through careful research you find a Cheeky French Maid uniform in exactly your size for less than $50. You discover that it comes in 8 different colors including Deep Purple, but unless your Mistress is a fan of Smoke on the water I suggest black, pink or white. “White?” you think to yourself, “I bet the stains would hardly even show” and you would be correct.

What about cooking a large roast? Listen, you’ll be so tied up (possibly literally) doing other chores I’m sure that won’t be a problem.

Now about your attitude. Once you get the balls to finally shave those long pretty legs of yours, slowly slip on the matching panties and look in the mirror. Next, you take your new Cheeky French maid uniform off the padded hanger and lay it on the bed. Pretty isn’t it?

Run your hands over the satin and lace, look at the adorable puff sleeves, the stretchy waist, and the sexy matching pinafore. Its yours sweetheart, its all yours.

Take a deep breath and put it on. Feel the cool satin as it glides over your panties. Play with the little front tie until you get it just right. Adjust the sleeves and your apron. Good girl. Now tiptoe over to the full length mirror and take a look at yourself.

Oh yes, yes, yes! You feel fantastic and the dress fits perfectly. Your Mistress is going to be very impressed and give you all kinds of special treats.

You’ll be entertaining all her friends. They’ll want to dress you up in different outfits and have you model for them. You’ll get frequent spankings, and other humiliating forms of punishment. The girls will pull your panties down because you’ve been a very naughty girl, you asked too many questions.

“A roast, do you believe that girls? Our little sissy wants to know if she has to cook a fucking roast! Get my strap-on, get the lube, hold her girls.”

You feel it slip inside you easily, as if its the most natural thing in the world. She pushes harder, its big, bigger than you thought. You begin moaning with pleasure, whispering the words softly at first, then louder as it goes in all the way and she starts to pump it in and out.

“Fuck me-Fuck me-Fuck me….”

OH-OH, you feel the pressure building and there’s no way to stop it. Youre going to cum and they realize that. Pulling out the strap-on Mistress slaps you hard on your ass and tells you to pull your panties all the way up, fast!

As you shudder and try to cover yourself,  you shoot hard into those panties as the girls watch and laugh.

Fortunately your dress is a creamy white thanks to proper planning. You go back to work in your wet panties with a smile, and a feeling of perfect contentment.

You did buy the white dress right?

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