Window Shopping

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think I have a very good idea about crossdressing and forced feminization fantasies. Lets take the lingerie shop.

I have friends that have told me the most creative fantasies about shopping, trying on lingerie, being sent or taken to the store, and being locked in after closing. And that’s just the tip of the bullet bra!

I even have a friend that used to love to look into his local boutique though the windows. He would walk up and down the shopping center just to get a quick glimpse inside, imaging all kinds of fun things the girls would do with him.

He also told me he used to drive by and sometimes park in front of the store at night and early Saturday and Sunday mornings. Just being there was enough to make his day. Finally he planned on dressing up and actually go shopping.

He decided to wear his Mothers pink blouse and jeans and put his makeup on in the car. It was Halloween and he figured he could easily get away with it and finally make his fantasy come true. But after much worrying and procrastinating he chickened out and didn’t go through with it.

That was a very long time ago and I’ve taken him shopping many times, although for some reason the salesgirls never locked the doors, dressed him up and reamed him with a strap-on while he admitted he’s always wanted to be a girl. Go figure.

Of course now that everyone has a camera phone and can easily take an upload a quick video to you tube you may have even more to worry about and never make it inside either. That’s a shame because the stores need you. They need your business and unless you start making a scene are happy to help you find things in your size. (In most stores but not all).

Tip: If you plan on the girls forcing you into a corset and panties, stealing your clothes from the dressing room while you try something on, or turning you into their new sales assistant you may be disappointed.

By the way, I’m having a sale. Cum as you are.

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