Forced Feminization Fantasies

If you’re like most guys you have all kinds of erotic fantasies inside your little head. And all it takes is the right picture in a magazine, or something on TV, or even a few words to get you excited.

But your fantasies are special aren’t they? Your fantasies are just a tiny bit different. You fantasize about being dressed as a girl, from head to toe.

Are there a lot of women in your life that you can share your fantasies with? Do they know how you began dressing up so many years ago and why? Do they know how hard it was to put those pretty things back exactly where they were so that no one would notice? Do they know that as much as you tried to keep your dressing up a secret, you fantasized about getting caught and punished by being completely feminized? Do they know about the fantasies you had back in school where the girls would drag you into the bathroom, hold you down and coat your lips with bright red lipstick? Do they know about all your other forced feminization fantasies?

The cheerleader fantasy, the lingerie store fantasy, the beauty salon fantasy, the sissy maid fantasy, and all the others that you think about every single day.

What about all the important details that make your fantasy perfect?

You don’t just want to wear any old lingerie, you want to wear the prettiest, most feminine lingerie there is. And the makeup. You don’t just want a quick coat of lipstick, but a long, slow, detailed makeover from foundation to blush. A garter belt, silk stockings, panties and a soft padded bra are only the beginning of your transformation. You also need the right dress. A beautiful, short, strappy dress to go with your pretty high heels. And your nails, they have to be painted to match your lipstick don’t they? Perfume, jewelry, and a cute purse are also very important right?

If you want your fantasies to come true you have to tell someone about them. Of course that isn’t always easy. But I already know. I know what your fantasies are, how they work and what the most important part is for you. If you can get excited by looking at a picture, just imagine how it would be with me acting out your fantasy word for word. You can lie on your bed in your favorite panties and just listen.

And when I finish with your makeup and have you turn around to look in the mirror, you’ll see yourself as the beautiful girl you’ve become. You’ll feel it as I pull down your panties, put you over my knee, and give you that much needed spanking.

Come on sweetheart, come with me.

I’ll take you places that you’ve only dreamed about. And do you know what the best part is? You never even have to leave your house. Unless you really want to that is.

Oh the places we can go.

Come with me sweetheart, come with me.

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