Retail Therapy

I’m sure you’re familiar with the term Retail Therapy. It mostly applies to women but it can also be therapeutic for men, and men who like to dress as women. The principle is that buying yourself something can make you feel good, simple as that.

Now that the weather is getting warmer you probably can’t wait to go out and buy yourself a new lawnmower, fertilizer and grass seed. If you’re one of those people that actually pays a professional to do all that you may need something else to buy. For me its clothes. Like most women I love to buy clothes.

There have been some fantastic sales at Target and most of the other large stores on everything from blouses to shoes. You should really target Target. Make a day of it if possible.

Start with a warm bubble bath and shave your legs. Then put on your prettiest panties and matching bra. Depending on your mood you can wear a simple blouse with jeans or a short, sexy dress, stockings and heels. Don’t go too crazy because all the stock boys will be chasing you around and the other women will be jealous. Also go easy on the perfume as you’ll be trying things on.

If you go on the weekend the dressing rooms may be crowded, so grab several outfits and take your time once you get in. Feel free to walk around a bit in the dresses and skirts and pose in the mirrors. Just keep an eye on your purse.

If you have questions about colors, size, or fit ask the salesgirls for help. This is especially important in the lingerie department because as you know, 80% of women wear the wrong bra size. I’m not sure who made that up but at least 20% know what they’re doing.

There may be the tiniest chance that you’re uncomfortable shopping for women’s clothes in a crowded store, or maybe you’re having a bad hair day and just don’t feel like going out. Now what? You still want to buy yourself something nice to cheer you up like a cute satin Prim blouse.

There’s always online shopping, but what about help with measurements or even a custom fit? What do you measure? Is there an easy to use size chart where you can figure everything out and even save your measurements for the future?

I think I know a place like that but remember: there will be no cute stock boys to chase you around, flirt with you and beg you for your phone number.

You do realize that at some point you may still have to do yard work right? Wear something cute to lessen the pain.

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