Are all crossdressers gay?

In an effort to keep on top of things, sort of speak, I asked my friend Claudia Tyler-Mae about this sometimes confusing issue.

Claudia is not gay but is very pretty and witty. Here is her response:

1. Most men are kind of wired to express their sexual attraction to someone (female) by wanting to stick their cocks in them. There’s the basic connection – see sexy woman, fuck sexy woman.

2. Trannies want to feel sexy, we want to know that we’re hot, so the association kicks in…..being fuckable means being fucked. Penetrated. Taken.

3. It is actually nice to have something in your bum. It feels nice and it’s a very intense reminder that you’re not in Kansas anymore.

4. The submission thing also kicks in. It’s all very well being the big alpha male, spearing women on your enormous erection, but what if you want to be the object of desire, and don’t want to be responsible for maintaining an erection and performing, pleasuring someone?

5. When we’re looking for role models for the wanton, wild little bitch we want to be, it’s easy to stumble into the ‘sluts giving head’ section of the library. There’s a girl who’s wearing the sleazy outfit we want to wear, with makeup we like and her hair up in cute little bunches – and look! She’s sucking cock! Then, even more transgressive, she’s sucking huge black cock! Doesn’t she look submissive, sexy, wild and… should we be sucking cock too?

6. There’s a noisy section of the tranny community that are really using dressing up as a way to deal with their gay desires. If you make a lot of noise and take every opportunity to shout about how much you love sucking cock, you get a lot of attention, and it becomes a bit of a feedback loop. The ones who just want to dress up at home with an accepting partner just get drowned out.

So I think the community doesn’t represent itself very well, and doesn’t have any role models for how to behave and what works. Being fucked up the ass can be quite enjoyable and reinforces all those desires to be the sexy, submissive toy. We then get confused between enjoying our own sexuality and borrowing from others.

Personally, yes I’d like to be spitroasted. But spitroasted by two sexy females with strapons and glamour girl looks. I’d like to play out the role of wildly sexual toy, and I’d like to play it with women who turn me on and treat me as ‘like them’ (if maybe I do need a little bit of teaching for how a girl like me should behave).

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