The art of prancing

What exactly is prancing and why do sissies enjoy it? Is it a learned skill like making lasagna or is it something you’re born with?

The dictionary definition of prancing is to move with high springy steps, or walk around with ostentatious, exaggerated movements. Great, now we have to define ostentatious!

I think prancing is something we are all born with, its kind of like skipping. But as we get older we tell ourselves that we’re adults and have to act like adults. So as much as you want to prance or skip down the street you force yourself to resist that urge and just walk, possibly even hiding your purse and wearing sunglasses.

Then one day you wake up and realize that you’re 40 years old, and that being an adult is not as much fun as you thought it would be. Some men may decide they’re having a midlife crisis and buy an expensive car, or do something drastic to make them feel young and alive again. This often backfires and does not give you the satisfaction you’re looking for.

It doesn’t always take an extravagant toy or lifestyle change to make you happy. Think back to when you began prancing. Was it the first time you put on a pair of panties? Was it the first time you tried on pantyhose? Was it when you found that by wearing panties and pantyhose you felt something amazing, something that made you very happy and gave you tremendous pleasure?

Before you consider a Ferrari 458 Italia, a Harley-Davidson CVO Ultra Classic Electra Glide, or a trip around the world on a BMW R1200GS, think about the small things if life that make you feel alive.

Think about a new dress, maybe a Prancing Pretty Girl Outfit.

And prance like no one is watching, even if you’re the entertainment for your wife and all her friends.

Prance pretty girl, prance!

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