What not to wear-a guide for sissies

I have been informed that some sissies actually do have a drawer full of lingerie and a closet full of blouses, skirts, dresses and high heels. So to all 4 of you I say congratulations.

Now as for the rest of you, there is the question of what to wear if you actually did take a chance and buy a few new outfits.

This is the perfect example of what you don’t want to wear. Its a very short, very sexy, sequin mini skirt and a simple satin blouse.

Sequin Mini Skirt

Sequin Mini Skirt

You don’t want to wear this for several reasons. First of all the guys are going to be all over you. They’ll buy you drinks and try to get you drunk enough to take advantage of.

Then there are all the ridiculous pickup lines you’ll have to listen to and pretend to enjoy. Such as: “If I flip a coin, what are my chances of getting head?” Gimme a break.

And if that isn’t bad enough, some guys will touch you. Its only partially their fault too, you with those long, silky smooth, sexy legs just begging to be caressed. And that perfect butt that’s just barely covered, you may as well just be sitting there in your panties!

No, you really won’t be able to blame the guys for all the attention you’ll get. Each time you hop off the bar stool and walk to the little girls room to freshen up, every single guy in the place will have one hand down his pants just watching you wiggle your ass in that tiny little skirt and strappy heels.

Give them a break alright? Its bad enough that your hair and makeup are perfect, your firm breasts are falling out of your blouse, and the fancy perfume you have on is making everyone dizzy with lust, but to flaunt yourself in front of drunk, horny men is just not fair.


(Of course if you want that kind of attention I’ll be happy to tell you where to get the outfit)

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