The Mistress-a sissy story

So, you want to have a Mistress?

Not just any Mistress, but one who has a unique understanding of little boys who want to dress up and be a little sissy girl. A Mistress that knows how to give you just what you need.

What, you’re not a sissy? Then what are you, a lingerie whore or perhaps a slut?

I know all about you, your needs and exactly what excites you. How you love to dress in sexy, silky lingerie and tease your cock for an evening of pleasure.

You need a Mistress to guide you step by step, directing your dressing, teaching you how to apply your make up, and helping you learn to walk and talk like a beautiful woman.

You need a Mistress who controls what you think and feel. A Mistress who loves making you a sweet little sissy. Who will submit to anything I ask of you, as long as you’re allowed to wear your pretty, silky, satin and lace lingerie.

What a pleasure it must give you to surrender total control to me. I am your Mistress. I will control you and allow you pleasure if and only if you please me. Do you understand?


Good. It is time to become the pretty sissy you long to be. Go take a long, relaxing bubble bath and shave your face, legs, arms, and chest and yes your pelvic area. Your Mistress demands your cock be good and sensitive. As you bathe think about how wonderful you’ll feel in your pretty, soft lingerie. When you’re finished, towel dry and lotion yourself with a moisturizer, and lightly pamper your smooth skin with scented dusting powder so you feel alive and refreshed.

Have you decided if you’re a lingerie whore or a slut? Tell me. Either way, you will become my pretty sissy my entertainment, my play toy for me to transform into a beautiful woman. A very beautiful and horny woman. Tell me whore or slut? Did I hear you say you’re a slut? Then a slut you will be.

I see you’re becoming excited already. Hmmmm…I’ll bet you’d like Mistress to stroke your cock wouldn’t you? Maybe, Mistress will let you stroke your own cock for her and put on a show. Show your Mistress how much you need her direction and guidance as I turn you into a woman. Do exactly as I command, and only what I command for you to do you UNDERSTAND?

You will dress how I tell you to dress…in front of me. You will touch yourself when and how I tell you to touch yourself. You will cum with me and not before.

Does the thought of cumming with your Mistress turn you on? It’s a privilege which must be earned, and you must cum with me when I cum…not before and not after. I want my pretty lingerie slut to pay very close attention to me…your Mistress.

I want you to listen very closely to my voice, its tone, my breath, and my moans. I want your full attention…UNDERSTAND?

Now go to your special drawer and take out the following items and place them on the bed. As you lay out each item, run your fingers through the delicate fabric. Let the items slide slowly through your fingers and think about how wonderful they’ll feel against your skin. Think about how each piece of lingerie will make you look more and more feminine, like a real woman.

Read the full story here

The Mistress-a sissy story

The Mistress-a sissy story

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