New sissy stories at Strapped In Silk

With several days of hot, humid, rainy weather I’ve had a few days off from riding my motorcycle almost daily. So I wrote two new stories and will record them this week.

The first story is called The Panty Thief. My friend Susan and I come home to find my neighbor prancing around in my new Victoria’s Secret Tulle Overlay Babydoll. Since this is fairly common where I live I wasn’t that surprised, but Susan totally freaked out. He has to become an example for other panty thieves, although I have a feeling that most of them would love the punishment.

The Panty Thief-a sissy story

The Panty Thief-a sissy story

The second story is called Favorite Things. In this case another girlfriend is having a problem with her son dressing up in her clothes. As you know I am dedicated to helping the crossdressing community, so I decide to have an intervention, kinda, sorta. The boy has to see that there are options out there.

Favorite Things-a crossdressing intervention

Favorite Things-a crossdressing intervention

The MP3s are due out this week. Unless its nice out, then I’ll be trying to avoid speeding tickets, deer, dogs, gravel, soccer moms, and all the other things that make motorcycling fun in a life or death kind of way.

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