Practice Panties-Free MP3 Download

First of all, this is not the complete 25 minute MP3. But it is a four and a half minute preview for you to download and enjoy.

Second of all, the MP3 is not finished. Why you ask? Well I did finish it, but when I was editing I heard some weird kind of static (no idea why) for about 10 seconds near the very end. Being the perfectionist that I am I decided to do the whole thing over. I realize that at this point in the recording you would likely be deep in thought, practicing in your panties like a good girl.Call me obsessive but I like things perfect.

Now this is the thing-Nothing is Perfect. From the 3 windscreens I spent days playing with and adjusting on my motorcycle to a fairly short audio story. Quick side-note: I got so frustrated trying to get the perfect angle, the perfect screen, and the perfect alignment that I finally took them off and now ride naked (not literally). All the Zen books that I have placed perfectly on my bookshelves say that everything is perfect the way it it, at all times.

But this is like giving a guy with a panty fetish keys to a lingerie store, and asking him not to touch anything. Ain’t gonna happen. I think its great to learn to accept things the way they are, but if you can improve something then by all means go for it. Whether that thing is your life or your fetish.

Remember, practice makes perfect. Moderation in all things. Or, as Anthony Trollope (whoever that is) reportedly said: “A woman’s life is not perfect or whole till she has added herself to a husband.” To Anthony Trollope I say a polite FUCK YOU DICKHEAD! Right then, Download Practice Panties on my Podcast or if you have trouble there is also a link to a zip file on my Downloads page.

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