Does Feminization Hypnosis work?

Laura peered in through the half open door. It had opened almost as soon as she had knocked, but no one was visible in the dark entrance to the flat.

“Mike?” she called, standing on the threshold. “I came as soon as I got your message. What’s happened? You sounded strange? Are you hiding behind the door?”

There was a little unhappy sound from behind the door and a face appeared shyly from behind it.

“Mike?” Laura exclaimed.

The face nodded, and looking more embarrassed than ever, ushered her quickly into the flat. Once she was in the hallway Laura turned to see what had happened to Mike.

He stood there, a bleached blonde cascade of hair surrounding his prettily made up and very feminine face. The hair curled casually over a tiny pink and white crop top that barely contained an enormous pair of breasts heaving with his nervous, quick breaths.

A few tendrils of blonde reached as far as the tight and very short denim skirt he was wearing. Below it, smoothly hairless legs ended in pink heeled shoes.

Mike’s hands fluttered in embarrassment – hands that Laura couldn’t help notice had long pink nails. He looked panic stricken and confused, trying to hide himself and at the same time show her the dramatic transformation. He even had a large pair of hoop earrings swinging from his ears.

Laura stood there in shock, finally just repeating herself, “Mike!”

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