The Beauty Salon Fantasy

After the caught in panties fantasy, the next most common forced feminization fantasy is probably the beauty salon fantasy. Why is that?

The beauty salon is a very friendly place, and a new hairstyle, makeover and manicure are pleasures every girl should treat herself to on a regular basis. The problem is that since you’re a man that likes to dress up as a woman, you may find it a tiny bit embarrassing. Ironically though you crave that embarrassment. This is where forced feminization comes in handy.

But are you ready to just walk into a crowded salon in a dress, stockings and heels? Maybe, maybe not. So how can this work for you in a fun and creative way?

We say its for a costume party! Costume parties are held all year round in different places for all kinds of reasons. The best reason is because its a great a way to do something different, to get out of your ordinary role and try something new. Of course dressing up as a girl is not really new to you, but this way you get to do in right and go out in public.

Now to make this experience really interesting, as soon as you sit down in the chair I tell everyone that there really is no costume party, there never was. Wouldn’t that be embarrassing? Butt wait-I not only tell them how you like to dress up as a pretty girl, but your whole history and all your fantasies.

Believe me, its a day you won’t soon forget. And you never know who might walk in while you’re having your hair done, and what might happen when we help you pose for pictures with some of the staff. So I wrote a little story about this to give you a better idea, to give you the big picture (and its bigger than you might think).

The Costume Party at

The Costume Party at

2 thoughts on “The Beauty Salon Fantasy

  1. I Would like to go to a salon and get made over. that is a fantasy I have played out in my dreams many times.

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