Free Sissy Audio Stories at Strapped In Silk

Its been said that masturbation can make you go blind. Maybe you’ve even noticed you have a little more trouble reading these days, now what?

As you may or may not know I have a Podcast with all kinds of erotic mp3s for you to listen to, download and enjoy.

Not only are the 16 previews probably long enough for you to get off without buying the whole mp3, but there are several complete FREE stories and even a couple of very informative discussions about forced feminization and sissy fantasies.

How about a very graphic, very hot sissy confession? Listen to Saragirl’s Sissy Confession.

Perhaps The Sissy Alphabet is something you need to learn?

Have you ever wondered exactly what forced feminization is and how it works? Then listen to Forced Feminization Defined.

Maybe you want to know more about other forced feminization fantasies? Then I suggest you listen to the very aptly named Forced Feminization Fantasies MP3.

If you still have time on your hands (or a box of tissues) there is The Sissy SongThe Bet, Sissy Hubby, and The Mistress Is Pleased.

Even if that jerking your way into blindness thing is a myth its more fun to be read to. Go little sissy, go enjoy yourself.

But please do me a favor, whatever you do DO NOT WATCH ANY FORCED FEMINIZATION VIDEOS. That kind of intense stimulation may be too much for you. Some fantasies should be kept hidden away, just like the lingerie you have so carefully hidden where no one will ever find it.

Free Sissy Audio Stories at Strapped In Silk

Free Sissy Audio Stories at Strapped In Silk

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