Forced Feminization Art

Art is meant to inspire and make you think, so think about this.

Here we have the Forced Feminization Cheerleader Fantasy, popular with crossdressers, sissies, transvestites and cheerleaders all over the world.

Forced Feminization Cheerleader Fantasy

Forced Feminization Cheerleader Fantasy

As you got older your fantasies probably changed a bit to a more mature, work oriented situation. Which brings us to the Forced Feminization Sissy Maid Fantasy.

Forced Feminization Sissy Maid Fantasy

Forced Feminization Sissy Maid Fantasy

These illustrations are part of a definitive research paper on forced feminization written by a leading expert in the field: me.

You can read the paper and enjoy the artwork, download all 7 full size illustrations in living color, and even listen to and download the MP3 for hands free entertainment.

Forced Feminization Defined By Teresa Bowers

Free Downloads, Artwork, MP3s and More

Forced Feminization Defined MP3 

Original illustrations created by Rocket Dave just for me.

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