The Sissy Alphabet MP3

The Sissy Alphabet MP3

The Sissy Alphabet MP3

Back by popular request, I give you The Sissy Alphabet MP3. Written and illustrated by Dov Sherman on Deviant Art.

Download The Sissy Alphabet MP3 Here

A is for Absinthe, a real Micky Finn

B is for bondage, so we can begin

C is for corset, the shape that we fancy!

D is for dainty, like silky, lace, panties

E is for earrings, now piercing your ears

F is for fasten your padded brassiere

G is for glue so your wig will stay put!

H is for heels which we locked on each foot

I is for inches, 48 fill your cups!

J is for Jiggle, now try to keep up

K is for Kisses you’ll give to the boys!

L is for Love because you’re my love-toy!

M is for Makeup, well slather it on!

N is for Nails which are bright, red, and long

O is Obey, or else you’ll get hurt!

P is for Petticoats, under your skirt

Q is for Quiver! You whimpering swine!

R is Revenge, which is finally mine!

S is for Sissy, now that’s what you are!

T is for trunk, where you’ll ride in the car

U is for Urges, which you’ll satisfy

V is Virginity – Kiss it goodbye!

W is for Web-cam, now everyone knows!

X is the rating we gave to your show

Y is for Yelling, which well stop with tape

Z is for Zero, the chance you’ll escape

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