Sissy Story Contest Q & A

I’m getting a lot of questions about my sissy story contest so I thought I’d answer the most frequent.

Q: Does the story absolutely have to be in the form of a narrative? That seems hard.

A: No.

Q: Can I use a story from another site?

A: Yes, if you get written permission from the author.

Q: Can my story be extremely graphic?

A: Yes.

Q: How do I know how many words are in my story?

A: If you open it in Microsoft Word you can look under TOOLS-WORD COUNT.

Q: Can my story be more than 1000 words and a 10 minute recording?

A: Maybe. If you write a really fantastic, epic sissy story I may make an exception or we can edit it down a bit.

Q: If I write a really fantastic, epic sissy story can I be your sissy maid and wear a PVC French Maid uniform?

A: No.

Story Contest Rules

8 thoughts on “Sissy Story Contest Q & A

  1. The farm animals are all clean and love people. I also dress them in cute outfits! Yes, I live with Dorie Mosley, whom I lovingly call feces.

  2. I am buying a home in Chicago to have sex with men, women and various farm animals. Email me for the address if you’re interested.

  3. One area where there has been a major change is that I now wear a girdle full time. Yes, I have a huge beer belly but I still look cute in a mini skirt and heels.

  4. I am a New York State licensed Realtor. Is it possible I can help you find a suitable dungeon to play with your sissies? I do own a few myself and could possibly work out a deal with you in exchange for a weekly makeover and sessions of pantyhose bondage. Curtsy (you’ll have to picture it).

  5. I would say yes, here is what I want to do. Extreme bondage, forced feminization with several very large men, preferably more than 10. Call me a sissy but this is what I love.

  6. How long should it takes a man to have sex with his best buddy? I can only last 30 seconds to a minute, then I have ice cream

  7. I represent a group of very tall transvestites from Brooklyn. We play hard, party hard and get hard with each other. Cheers

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