Crossdressing Photography Tips-Pretty Pictures

Every crossdresser I know, EVERY SINGLE ONE would love to share his hobby with friends, preferably women friends. Unfortunately not all women understand your fascination with dressing up, much less appreciate photos of you in your panties.


There are plenty of places to share your pictures such as Flickr. Another option is to print them out and leave them on your desk at work (if you work at a desk).

I was at Barnes and Noble the other day and saw a great book called Photographing Women: 1,000 Poses by Eliot Siegel. This book may be beyond your needs and is very detailed. Poses include: Standing Straight, Feet Crossed, Leaning, Bending, Using Props, Playing with the Dress, Over-the-Shoulder Gaze, and Back to Camera. Butt wait…

This is more about having fun than trying to look like professional model Elliott Sailors, who has recently decided to become a male model so that’s even sillier.

Here are a few tips to make it more like fun and less like an assignment. I know how you guys hate assignments.

  1. If you take a picture in a mirror clean the mirror first. See if you can hold the camera or camera phone so it’s not visible. You can always crop later. Using the flash in a mirror pic will not work very well.
  2. If you have a tripod use it, otherwise improvise. Position your camera on a dresser or anything that seems to be the right height, then take a few test shots using the self timer. Again, you can crop it later if you end up standing too far back.
  3. Consider sitting in a chair if standing makes you feel uncomfortable. Not only is this an easier position, but allows you to show off your panties, stockings and heels in all kinds of fun and sexy ways.

Here is a recent picture of my good friend Claudia Tyler Mae. Gorgeous isn’t she?

Claudia Tyler Mae

Claudia Tyler Mae

Not only did Claudia get a professional makeover and try on all kinds of outfits and wigs, she had a friend take pictures. You may or may not have this option.

Mirror shot, tripod or reasonable facsimile and self timer. Feel free to send me your pictures if you want a woman’s opinion. I will never use them anywhere without your permission.

Note: if you send me pics keep it clean, literally. My email is on my website.

5 thoughts on “Crossdressing Photography Tips-Pretty Pictures

  1. Hello Ms. Teresa

    Thanks for all the tips and advice you give to this community. I always appreciate the stories, audios, and pictures on your website and just wanted to let you know people appreciate your efforts.

    Thanks again,

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  3. I like to wear my sisters panties and go outside. My neighbors try to shoot me with a BB gun but I like that.

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