New MP3: Panties Please

You like to wear panties, don’t you sweetheart?

You do, I know you do.

Just saying the word gets you excited doesn’t it?


You’re just a little sissy aren’t you? And wearing panties makes you feel so feminine.

You love the soft, silky fabric on your body, and you pretend you’re a girl right?

I know you do.

You want to be a girl don’t you?

You wish you were a girl!

I’ll bet you’re wearing your panties right now….


Panties Please

Panties Please

5 thoughts on “New MP3: Panties Please

  1. Yes I am a sissy. Just had my manipedi at local nail salon. My favorite hour of the week. So good to have you back.

    • Dear Mistress Teresa You know I enjoy wearing panties. Several times a week now, and I always wonder if they show through my pants.
      Tomorrow Mistress Teresa I will get what will be my 12th waxing. Ouch but oh so nice afterwords. A little pain…. Wed will be my weekly manipedi at the salon which is just pleasure to me now to be spoiled and pampered by two beautiful ladies. My best hour of the week. All of this I owe to You, Mistress Teresa. I have risen a long way from when we first started conversing several years ago. For you, I will always be avaible. I know you will enjoy the pleasure of a servant one day. Thank you and much love, princess

  2. Thank You! A sissy beams at any compliment. It is amazing how it makes your skin feel. Muscles look better also!

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