Feminization Hypnosis Gone Wrong

John woke up with a slight headache as he usually did after Nina had been trying her hypnosis on him. It never seemed to do much (she said she was building up her skills), but she seemed to enjoy doing it, and it had been a good way to diffuse the argument they’d had. He frowned at the thought of her being so pissed off with him. Usually she’d find some way to get her own back – he just hoped she wouldn’t do anything too embarrassing.

He slipped out of bed and started to run the bath, putting in some scented oils. For some reason he seemed to have woken ridiculously early for work, so it seemed a nice idea to take his time getting ready. Nina would be there when he got to the office and she’d appreciate him smelling clean. As the bath ran, he stood in front of the mirror and idly plucked his eyebrows until they were thin, high arches….


Feminization Hypnosis Gone Wrong

Feminization Hypnosis Gone Wrong

4 thoughts on “Feminization Hypnosis Gone Wrong

  1. Teresa Bowers, I’ve always thought high thoughts of U, as well as find U in my thoughts in occasions really. Like when I’m passing over the tappen zee bridge n thru n.y., in the winter storms n thinking of the Honda being nestled in front of your fireplace. Giggles, I know it’s probably in the garage. But good thoughts regardless. You’ve always shown compassion thru Your heart, mind, body n soul, as are always known by me, to be gracious n stunning in sharing a part of U with the rest of the world.

    I may never find real time Mistress, as I think at one time U tried to turn me into a friend in Pittsburgh, but nothing ever came of it or no replies back anyway. But regardless, so wishing You the best!

  2. I so love your stories Teresa Bowers. Always enlightening n always at a good time. Often times, I think I will never find a Mistress, but just keep looking. Fetlife.com is or has gotten so weird as of late, I’ve all but given up hope there. You had mentioned someone from Pittsburgh awhile back, but thinking nothing had ever come out of it. Keep plugging along for sure. Have to move this year so maybe it’s for the best. Put in for a name change too, as well as my B’s are starting to mushroom into C’s. Giggles

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