Panty Bra Modeling Tights

You’ve all seen pictures of beautiful girls in shiny pantyhose, and you wish you could find out where to buy them for yourself.

Actually, those are opaque modeling tights. Butt wait….

In my never ending search for new and exciting things for the crossdressing community, I’ve found you something really special.

Panty Bra Opaque Modeling Tights!

Panty bra? The name alone is probably getting you excited. Well calm down boys, they are available in your size, two colors, and cost less than a case of your favorite imported beer. Tip: you’ll fit into your Panty Bra Modeling tights much easier if you lay off the beer.

These babies are also equipped with V-shaped girdle on the tummy area.

Now I know what you’re thinking: “Shiny pantyhose that are actually called the Panty Bra? They come with a built in girdle? They come in my size and two colors? I MUST HAVE THESE PANTYHOSE!”

Tights boys, call them by their proper name. Wear them any way you like.

You might also want to check out the Uppsala Wet Looking Tights, which unlike you come in five colors including a pretty bright blue. Their smooth glossy material hugs your legs, giving them an extravagant “wet look” and natural shape. Ohhhhhhhhhh-yeah………….

Panty Bra Opaque Modeling Tights

Panty Bra Opaque Modeling Tights

Panty Bra Opaque Modeling Tights

Uppsala Wet Looking Tights

Uppsala Wet Looking Tights

Uppsala Wet Looking Tights

6 thoughts on “Panty Bra Modeling Tights

  1. The certain thing, you is that it has reason. Even very to my sorrow. It is difficult to me to recognize it. But it is exactly what comes to my mind. I would like to prove them! It is curious, I cannot avoid feel this sensation. A nice post.
    Cordial regards.

  2. Well that’s a very interesting comment sweetie. Unfortunately I have no idea what you mean. None. Zip. But thanks and I bet you’ll look great in your shiny pantyhose (tights).

  3. Thank you very much for his response Lady Teresa. Actually still I have never used any feminine clothes. But it is true that attracts the possibility of doing it. Cordial regards.

  4. that Hosiere site has some fantastic patterned and sheer stockings too. thanks Teresa you are a dream for finding such crossdressing temptations. i haven’t heard of the brand names before but i think there will be some in my stocking drawer before long!

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