The Female Panty Thief-Photo Gallery

And you thought you were the only one that can’t stay out of the panty drawer?

Panty Thief-Photo Gallery

Panty Thief Photo Gallery

Panty Thief Photo Gallery

7 thoughts on “The Female Panty Thief-Photo Gallery

  1. Dear Teresa, thank you for all your stories. You have no idea how horny you make me. I can’t stop masturbating in women’s underwear. I wear bras and panties with FF nylons and garterbelts with 12 straps. Then I put on a satin teddy and top it off with my peignoir set vintage of course . I fantasize about being forced to masturbate in front of hundreds of women. I would love to be forced to masturbate in font of the girls school.

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  2. You’re very welcome. I suggest you limit your masturbation to seven or eight times a day. When we send you to the girls school and set you up in the auditorium for your performance, you’ll need your strength. P.S. you cant masturbate in front of the school, that can cause a traffic jam. I’ve seen it happen…..

  3. yes i was i was caught in panties by a lady next door and now i wear panties bras dress nylon all the time she made me her sissy bitch house maid if i do not do this she tell every one i know i told her i would be her bitch well after a year i had grow breasts and no longer wear male clothes and now that i am a sissy house bitch i the one that please my master husband and her dido.

  4. The other day, while I was at work, my sister told the police I stole her panties. Now I’m in jail having sex with men and I love it!

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