The Costume Party-Sissy Humiliation, Forced Feminization, & Fun at the Beauty Salon

This is fun isn’t it? The two of us going to the salon together for your makeover? I know you’re excited about this.

You’re nervous aren’t you? Well, don’t you worry about a thing, I’m going to be right here with you the whole time.

Am I still mad at you? Well, I think I’m starting to get over it. You just relax and enjoy your special day, OK?

Here we are. Wow, its crowded isn’t it?

Now remember what we discussed, its all in fun and there’s nothing to be embarrassed about, OK?

Now lets go inside. You take your shopping bag and follow me…

NOTE: This 50 minute MP3 is free to the first 30 people that leave a comment on this story below.


The Costume Party by Teresa Bowers

The Costume Party by Teresa Bowers

69 thoughts on “The Costume Party-Sissy Humiliation, Forced Feminization, & Fun at the Beauty Salon

    • Well that’s really not a comment on the story Stephen, plus you spelled “hear” wrong. So to teach you a lesson I’ll send it anyway. Today’s lesson is: take a chance and see if the panties fit (or something like that).

  1. Oh what a story! I would trade places with her anytime 😉 I would like to experience all what happend to her.
    Good story. I got so horny *giggles*

  2. I sincerely apologize Miss Teresa, I spelled it wrong and did not comment correctly. Please forgive me. I loved how you had that sissy loving it it but so nervous during the whole thing while being gentle and caring at the same time. I would want to try those p panties on .

  3. hi Teresa, love the story – it has everything a sissy loves – “caught in the act”; forced dressing as a girl; exposed to the ladies (as they giggle); and of course the trip to the salon and a makeover. i just love it all, and You are so skilled in how You can write for maximum effect on a sissy. i already have the audio file from long ago, so You don’t have to send me another, but i’m going to listen to my copy anyway just because i love listening to You! hope all is going well with You. and anyone who loves this story should really check out Tresa’s other audio files on her website


  4. Hi Teresa!! 🙂

    Very HOT story!! i love how the VERY nice lady treats the sissy like a girl at all times. For me it would be more realistic if i was going to the salon as a reward in stead of a punishment. i like the idea of a party BIG time! i can’t wait to read part two, but i wanted to make a comment in time!!

    i think it would be SUPER hot to be under the hair dryer with my hair in curlers and unable to hear the conversation, but to simply watch the ladies discuss ideas and plans for me while they smile at me and i smile back.


  5. awww, I was blushing and trembling at the same time when I was reading the story. How do you know all my secret cravings, Madam. I am going for shopping after getting pampered at salon now. Thanks for making me realize who I truly am. You are an amazing Goddess, Madam.

    • Thanks a lot for the gift, Madam.

      Yes, Goddess! Every salon needs a bitch but no bitch is bitchier than me. *giggles*. My resume is a secretly revealing set of words just like me. It includes my fantasies, my secrets, my naughty adventures & sexy job experiences. hehe. *winks*

  6. Hello Miss Teresa

    I realy enjoy your story, i am very excited. I realy like to listen your MP3 file. Please send it to me.

    I am sorry if my English is not perfect, because English is my foregin language.

  7. It really is a very compelling story. It has a good balance between exposure and gentle guidance. I like the detailed description in the salon and the small details – for example, the piercing of the ears. Not to forget… the finish is very passionate.
    It must be wonderful to HEAR this story.

  8. I’m thrilled to see your blog still active! You have the voice of an angel – or a devil, still not sure! Thank you for offering the free mp3!

  9. Thank you Miss Teresa, for this and all your great stories. I have read all you stories many times and listened to your voice and it always makes me want more. Keep making these great fantasies for all of us to enjoy and dream of.

  10. Miss Teresa what a great story. I really enjoyed. Inserts, lingerie, dress (I looked for Jersey ones, didn’t know them before) stockings, mmm memoirs. Stockings feel awesome. I blush so many times reading the story. I am super shy that changing clothes around people, no no. Giggles.

    You almost can feel the change that honey is having in the salon and that is awesome. What a surprise Cindy has¡

    I’d love to read how she got her ears pierced. And you know, because I already now how your voice sounds like, the story was even better. I can wait to listen!

    Miss Teresa, one silly question. When a girl has a transformation like this one, how is her life after that? Is she more feminine or she returns to her male side?

    You are awesome, XoXo. Josse

    • Once you experience something that intense, you are changed forever. In a good way of course. Everything changes, nothing stays the same. We so often fight that truth.

  11. This mathematics teacher would love to take your spelling course ! Time now for my manipedi. Oh, of course I would love your recording….the sound of your sexy voice draws me like moth to flame, and your voice lights a my torch.
    Love you always

  12. dear teresa unfortunetly i am computer illiterate and do not know how to find file once i download it possible to set up more voice files on your site? thanks for my fantasies

    • You have to choose where to save the file, such as your desktop. Here is a page on How To Download a File:

      Learning to be more computer literate is like learning anything-you have to keep trying. I spent years and two college courses learning Photoshop and I’m hardly an expert, but I know more now than on day one.

      Google “Downloading and saving a file” and see if you can figure it out. Otherwise I guess I’ll have to come over and read you the story in person. Of course you’ll dress appropriately.

  13. Dear Teresa, a wonderful story – you truly know how to get inside the mind of a sissy. Your skills at cajoling, teasing, scaring the sissy into following your suggestions/commands are second to none; the way you keep them not knowing whether you are going to be angry, sympathetic, laughing at them from moment to moment shows a mastery of how to manipulate us.

    I for one would certainly love to be the centre of the story – if you are ever in the UK, you can read the story to me in person and I will definitely dress appropriately!

    Many thanks

  14. Thank you – if I could afford it I would hire a private jet to bring you over and act as your personal air hostess on the flight; I’ve always wanted to be an air hostess…..

  15. “Hi I’m Natalie coffee, tea ……or me Madam?” as I stand by your seat in First on my 3″ heels, dark nylons, dark blue skirt suit, crisp cream blouse with pretty silk scarf round my neck, immaculate make-up with red lips and red nails, pearl stud earrings (they don’t let us wear dangly ones for safety reasons), and hair in a neat ponytail. “We’ll be turning the lights down in a moment Madam but if there is ANYTHING you need please buzz me or come to my small office at the front of the plane (smile, giggle), I will do all I can to make your flight a pleasant one” … small curtsey

  16. Teresa – i know i am late to this party but i have to post a comment anyway. i’ve followed You from a distance for many, many years. Your writing style is incredible and You know just how to strike the fancy of Your readers.

    This story is amazing. Yes, the forced dressing is an essential ingredient but the humiliation in the salon is downright incredible. The eyebrow plucking…something i’ve recently started with the help of a very understanding local makeup artist. She’s taking her time narrowing them down. And, the best thing, she also is working on my Wife’s eyebrows. But, she isn’t waxing…yet; she’s only plucking one hair at a time and thinning them right now.

    Wigs have been bought – and i’m aiming to have one styled soon. The makeover, the photo session, the entire package! Such an inspiring story and such a help the main character is being to her “friend.” And the climax of the story! Wow!

    You take me way beyond my comfort zone in Your stories. And i love it. Things i previously only dreamed, i am doing…and things i am beginning to dream of, well…we shall see. xx

    -chaste hubby

  17. I have just been catching up with my Google+ so I only just read this story and offer, I hope I haven’t missed my apointment at the salon 🙂 Love your work 🙂 Thank you Miss 🙂

    • It could just be being a silly girl… more than likely really… but I don’t think I got your email Miss 😦

    • I sent it again. I’m uploading your MP3 now. Look for an email from Hightail in a little while. It will have the link to download your file. If you don’t see it soon check your spam folder, sometimes they end up there because its an unfamiliar email. Let me know if you have any trouble.
      take care,

  18. Have read your work before and it’s truly the best available. Can’t wait to hear about visiting a beauty salon with you – would be the ultimate fantasy for me.

  19. I loved the story, especially the slight forced theme with no party actually taking place..I thought the whole Salon seen was awesome!

  20. I would love to be forced femmed at a salon. Can’t wait to hear your audio of it. I would do anything to be in your hands.

  21. This was so inspirational I have been on a couple of massive shopping trips recently and have “crossed the rubicon” – in my wardobe I now have more skirts than trousers, dresses than suits, lingerie than boxers and heels than trainers – I spend more time dressed as a woman than a man and I love it – thanks for all your help Teresa. Natalie X

  22. Currently the softening that happens is not my fault. The women I pay to have sex with refuse to pee on me. Love Monte.

  23. OMG Just the thought of having my long blonde locks tousled into such a gorgeous updo…..
    I gets my “juices” going

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