How to Find a Woman to Feminize You

I think it was Nixon that said “Those who fail to plan, plan to fail.” Maybe it was my lawn guy, I don’t really remember. But if you want to find a woman to dress you up and play with you, a plan is needed. I have such a plan.

This will take some effort on your part, but it will be fun I promise. Its simple really, you are going to accidentally on purpose show a woman that you’re wearing panties. But you’re going to do it in a very classy, creative, and well orchestrated way.

The Plan: You wear a pair of panties under your jeans or shorts, then go shopping. Simple right? And to make it even easier, you’re shopping for food in a large supermarket. You’re just going to wear your panties instead of your regular underwear and talk to women who are shopping in the same isle.

The Setup: You have a shopping list in your pocket. Make it up, I suggest small things like soup, tomato sauce, and yogurt, things like that. You casually browse the store until you find a woman you’d like to meet. Then, you go over to where she’s shopping and ask a question about a product.

The Move: This is where it gets creative. As you and your new friend are talking about clam chowder, you pull out your shopping list to remind yourself of the brand you wanted, and oops-the list falls to the floor.

(You may want to practice this move at home. Make it look natural.)

Keep talking, bend over and pick up your shopping list. You’ll want to pull your panties up a bit higher before bending over. Not wedgie high, but just enough to make them visible as your shirt creeps up a little. That’s it! OK, that’s not it but if you get this far you’ve already achieved your goal. Now what?

You may be wondering if she actually saw your panties showing. Believe me she did. Women will look at a guy’s butt 9 out of 10 times just because that’s what we like to do. You’ll be able to tell from her face what to do next.

The Next Step: Do not go too excited just because a woman knows you’re wearing panties, many women will just chuckle and continue to help you find a the best soup with the lowest Sodium. Its all about her reaction.

Reaction 1: “Oh, you’re wearing women’s panties, isn’t that cute!”

Reaction 2: “Nice panties! What kind are those?”

Reaction 3: “Get away from me!”

Listen, no plan is perfect and you’ll probably get other reactions as well. Some women may ignore your panty clad butt completely much to your dismay, but it will help you with the next one.

Your goal is to find the right woman for you, just like in any relationship. You want to look into her eyes and see fire. She likes the idea of a man in panties, you can tell by her smile. There will be no need to explain that you want to be transformed into a feminine little plaything for her amusement, she already knows. You’ll buy that clam chowder and start a new life with her. After dinner you’ll look over and whisper: Feminize Me, and it will happen…

At the Supermarket

At the Supermarket

8 thoughts on “How to Find a Woman to Feminize You

  1. That is a great idea, Miss Teresa. I am too shy but that sounds so amazing that I’ll try it. You say we sholud go to a women we like to meet. Do you suggest we practice with maybe someone not so high profile?

    Once I did something like that by mistake in home. I was so comfortable in panties that I forgot about them and after movimg something, the lace and bow showed up. Nobody said anything.

    The best new month for you, Miss Teresa. Xoxo josse

  2. This is an fantastic idea! And would love to give it a try. And maybe if I’m single again I will.
    but I have a girlfriend for about 4 months now. And I’ve been really shy about talking to her about it, any suggestions?
    it’s kind of come up in conversation before and she didn’t seem to be interested at all.
    Also she doesn’t know anything about forced femininzation.

    • I suggest going very slow to see what she thinks about role play like this. Maybe rent a movie such as Some Like It Hot or To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything. How can she possibly say no to a movie starring Patrick Swayze?

  3. Dearest Mistress Teresa,
    Many times I have purchased feminine attire in the presence of women and with female checkers and none of them ever said a thing. I have often drempt of being followed out of the store and being confronted one way or another, but never have been. Hopefully being confronted in a good way and not been ridiculed.
    Once a sales girl said,” have fun!” I wish she would have asked to see me later. A dream.

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