Prescription Panties

It seems that a lot of you guys feel confused, anxious, and sometimes depressed about your crossdressing desires. You have a ball dressing up, and then get all stressed out later on. Have you ever wondered why?

Of course when you were younger there were definite reasons to be confused and anxious. What if your friends find out? Why are you so obsessed with wearing women’s clothes? Is this wrong? But now that you’re all grown up you know some of these answers, at least I hope you do.

You know that this is not wrong, and really not that unusual at all. As to worrying about your friends and partner finding out, that’s something you have to work out on your own.

I think that wearing panties is not the problem. Its NOT wearing them. How do you expect to feel when you dress up in secret, locking all the doors and pulling down the blinds like a criminal? Then, to make things even more complicated, you hide them somewhere and then worry about them being found.

I suggest you consider Prescription Panties. Its not the panties as much as the prescription, which is: P.R.N-wear as needed.

Now, when is wearing panties needed?

When you feel anxious and depressed for one. Did you know that a hangover is not caused by the alcohol in your body but by the absence of alcohol? Same thing here (kinda/sorta). If you take away things that make you feel good you’ll have withdrawals.

Having a rough day at work? Duck into the bathroom and put on those panties. Not only will you feel great, but you’ll forget about the trivial thing that is making your day so rough.

Anxious about the Mother in law coming over for the weekend? Wear your favorite panties and pantyhose under your jeans. Smile, and tell her how good she looks when she tells you again about all the other guys your wife could have married.

Feeling lonely and depressed because you’re all alone on a Friday night? Dress to thrill. Break out everything and practice walking in heels. Pretend you’re a model, work on that catwalk strut.

Remember though, this is a prescription and should be followed carefully, although as needed varies tremendously.

Science is a wonderful thing, and the best part is that it can be interpreted any way you want. Now get dressed!

Prescription Panties

Prescription Panties

8 thoughts on “Prescription Panties

  1. I’m taking your prescription, Miss Teresa. Will keep the medicine cabinet well-stocked, take my medicine as needed (every day) and let go of the tension dancing, dreaming, daring to be the cutest sissy ever!

  2. Dear mistress Teressa, I think you will be happy to hear that all I think about is lingerie 24/7. Every chance I get I put on my 14 strap garterbelt with fully fashioned stockings, then I put on some lace panties with matching bra with falsies. Then I put on my lace teddy, followers by 3 pairs of rhumba panties. I love to rub my panties and stockings all day long. I can’t stop . All I want to do is to masturbate all day and all might long. You would be so happy with me, I have 4 lingerie dressers filled with panties, bras, girdles stockings, slips, camisoles, corsets and pantyhose. In my closet I have about 300 peignoir wets and about another 150 teddies. I love to go in there and rub my nighties all over my body.

    • I do not believe you.Nobody has 4 lingerie dressers and nobody has 300 peignoir sets and 150 teddies. If you’d like to send me a picture of your world record lingerie collection please do, otherwise I say: Liar, liar, panties on fire!

  3. Hi Teresa I have that much lingerie.  I love lingerie more than anything in the world, so I spend all of my money on it. Every chance I get I buy Lingerie

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