Control Crossdressing with CBT

Of course I’m referring to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. This technique acknowledges that there may be behaviors that cannot be controlled through rational thought. CBT is “problem focused” (undertaken for specific problems) and “action oriented” (the therapist tries to assist the client in selecting specific strategies to help address those problems).

Now pay attention because this is the important part: A basic concept in CBT treatment is in vivo exposure. The term refers to the direct exposure of specific objects, activities, or situations.

Simple right? But to make this perfectly clear, I have written a very descriptive paper, based on the psychological principles of CBT to illustrate this in a fun and possibly erotic way. Your results may vary.

Note: I am not a therapist but play one with TV’s.

This 20 minute educational audio recording, as well as a related 40 minute MP3 are available free with video signup. Details at the end of the paper.

The following is a short excerpt: “Since this is still kind of new for you, wearing your panties gets you very excited, and you need to work on that.

Soon, maybe in a few weeks, a few months, or possibly a bit longer, wearing your panties will feel completely natural. You’ll wake up in your pretty nightie and panties, take a warm bath and get ready for the day. Then you’ll put on a fresh pair of panties, and get dressed in one of your cute little outfits. Your hair will be cut and styled by then, and you’ll be able to do your own makeup.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s wonderful to be a girl, and you’ll love every second of it. But after a while you won’t find it as arousing as you do now, to just wear your panties. You’ll see what I mean sweetheart, you’ll see.

Not let me explain one more thing, and then we can talk about your new bedroom. I want you to lie back on the bed and just relax, OK?

There you go, get really comfortable…”


Control Crossdressing with CBT

Control Crossdressing with CBT

3 thoughts on “Control Crossdressing with CBT

  1. Thank you for all your stories and comments. They always inspire me and get my girly juices flowing. What did you think of my lingerie collection? 

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