Crossdresser Shopping Tips-Supermarket Panties

As much as you like to dress up as a girl, and wear all kinds of pretty lingerie and dresses, many of you chicken out when it comes to shopping for them. My friend Michael is a total chicken when its time to actually go into a woman’s clothing store and buy the things he desperately desires.

He’s fine with choking his chicken but that’s another story. So today I took Michael to a special lingerie store, the kind of store that everyone has nearby, but few people realize how easy it is to shop there. The supermarket.

Did you know that almost every supermarket has a section with panties? The stores near me carry smooth microfiber brief panties by No nonsense. They have black, nude, and white with cute flowers on them.

They come in small for you little guys, large for the average Josephine, and extra large for the guys that will pick up a case of beer, since they’re already shopping.

You may think that panties you buy in a supermarket are going to be as rough as sandpaper, some of you may even like that. But believe me when I tell you that these panties are soft, silky, pretty, and best of all $6.50 for two pairs.

Grab a loaf of bead and a magazine, a pack of panties and checkout. Nobody will bat an eye or ask you for your life story. But in the rare case that all the self checkouts are busy, and you get a woman that needs to know everything about everyone, there is a simple answer. Look her in the eye, pause a few seconds for dramatic effect, then say: “Are you writing a book?”

By the way, guess whats right next to the racks of panties? Pantyhose and tights in all different colors and styles. The size chart is on the back of every package. When in doubt or if you start to get nervous, just get queen size, because its good to be queen (Tom Petty reference if you missed that).

Tip: check the price on the fashion and hairstyle magazines before you buy one. Michael picked up a copy of the new Short Hair Style Guide and discovered at the register it was $9.99. I told him we should go back and get a different one, but I think he was in a hurry to get home.

Photo by Michael with my Sony Rx100.

Supermarket Panties

Supermarket Panties

4 thoughts on “Crossdresser Shopping Tips-Supermarket Panties

  1. Hi, Miss Teresa. Great advice. I buy panties and pantyhose in supermarket. It is pretty cool, here they have plenty of variety and usually there is no one around. Last time, I found also Leggings and they are amazing.
    Once, I was buying and next to me was a girl. I almost run, but I took them and move around her. She I think was cool with that because we checked some pieces very close one to another. I bought hipsters and she black seethrough
    Supermarket is also great to buy your first bra and breasts. It is so natural to buy everything and even sometimes when I buy other products for girlfriends, sales women helps a lot and they never say nothing.
    Xoxo, Miss Teresa. Beautiful month.

  2. Dearest Mistress Teresa,
    I have purchased pantyhose at the super market along with cosmetics and have never been questioned by the sales girl. Just having something feminine in the cart is thrilling as I walk through the store. Do others peek into my cart?

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