Crossdressing Essentials-The Right Bra Can Save Your Life

Many of you guys don’t wear a bra as often as you should, so here is something to consider every time you get dressed up.

I just read this today: “A Brazilian woman is lucky to be alive after her bra prevented a stray bullet from entering her body close to her heart. An underwire bra saved a woman’s life after she was hit by a robber’s bullet in Brazil. Ivete Medeiros was reportedly hit by the stray round as she was leaving a supermarket in the city. Holding up her dress to show reporters where the bullet had torn it, she revealed the black lace underwire bra she had been wearing, and the bullet that had become lodged inside.”

So, do you know the difference between a bandeau bra, a bridal bra, a convertible bra, a demi bra, a minimizer bra, a peephole bra, a push-up bra, a racerback bra, a shelf bra, a softcup bra, a plunge bra and an underwire bra?

I suggest you get one (or more) of each, wear them regularly and learn for yourself.

Note: If you do accidentally get shot and saved by your bra, you are under no obligation to show it to a reporter, unless he’s very cute.

Paige James

Paige James

6 thoughts on “Crossdressing Essentials-The Right Bra Can Save Your Life

  1. Hi Miss Teresa, amazing all your posts. I remember the first time I found your site. Woow what an incredible experience. Never thought I could express my femininity and be a woman until that day.

    The first time I tried a bra, was uff something to remember. Feeling the wire an the straps was an still is incredible. The next morning, my body felt weird without one so, tried more 🙂 yes, I know much about bra. I’ll take your quiz

    Do you have a FB profile Miss Teresa? Maybe a group there?

    I want to say thanks for all your help and wish the most beautiful Valentines Day for you.

    Xoxo josse

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