The Psychology of Crossdressing

Have you ever asked yourself why you like to dress up as a girl and prance around like Cinderella? Have you ever wished you could figure the whole thing out once and for all?

In this Podcast episode I explain the most widely accepted theory in the psychology of crossdressing. I just hope its not too complicated for you guys.

Listen to The Psychology of Crossdressing Here

The Psychology of Crossdressing

The Psychology of Crossdressing

12 thoughts on “The Psychology of Crossdressing

  1. How is it that you understand sissies so well Miss Teresa? Everything you say is 100% true. And the way you say it simply is delicious. I love the teasing laugh and tone you use when talking to us sissies. So hot and sexy. How did you ever come to know and understand sissies so well?



    • You want the truth? Maybe YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH!
      But seriously, most people want someone to confide in, to share their secrets. I ask, I’m interested, I’m discreet. Its as if I’m a therapist, although I’m not a doctor but play one with TV’s.

  2. OMFG, how do you do that, get all the inflections and giggles in the right place?
    I bet you could say just the alphabet and I would still want to masturbate to it! LOL

    • What if I read the sissy alphabet, hmmm? Its also on my Podcast but maybe you shouldn’t listen. These are not masturbatory recordings, they are presented in artistic, educational, documentary and scientific contexts with substantial benefit to the public (see last post).

  3. You always so great. You are amazing, Miss Teresa. And, yes you are what you wrote in comments and much more. I am glad to follow you. By the way, this photo is for me the best ever. Since saw it first time falled in love.

    Xoxo Jazmin

  4. Good morning Miss Teresa. Just to wish the best International Women Day to you and for helping me awaken my femininity.


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