The Panty Trap

A friend of mine sent me this photo of his neighbors house today and asked what I think he should do.

In his own words: “Her panties are right there Teresa, almost begging me to take them. Not even in the backyard but in the front a few feet from the road. I think I’m going to go out late tonight with my dog and take them all. What do you think?”

The Panty Trap

The Panty Trap

First of all I told him he might consider taking pictures of something else, maybe a sunset. But more important, I think its a trap. You can almost picture the girls sitting inside, watching, waiting for someone to steal their lingerie. Its probably happened before and they are sick and tired of it. This time someone is going to pay.

Many of you will face a similar dilemma, whether its panties, nightgowns, or as you will see very soon, bikinis and swimsuits. Just keep in mind that even though you have a fantasy where things go a certain way, you never know what might actually happen.

Dani from Trannies In Trouble

Dani from Trannies In Trouble

6 thoughts on “The Panty Trap

  1. A beautiful woman trapped by her desire to feel feminine. She has a very cute figure. She wears a tight and sensual waist. It has a powerful thighs and hips wider sources of sensuality and femininity.

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