The Secret – Lilliput and Felix

Lilliput & Felix is a new swimwear site launched in February 2015. And they have a secret just like Victoria. See if this sounds like something you might like:

“Lilliput & Felix women are confident dreamers, aesthetes and travelers for whom style and elegance is a way of being. Chic international voyagers who feel at home on any beach, yacht or poolside, but never lose their innate sense of playfulness or their love of life. The L&F woman doesn’t seek to be the center of attention, but she turns heads wherever she globetrots; enjoying life to the full in all its beauty, the world is her playground and effortless style is a given.”

So the question you have to ask yourself is: are you a Lilliput & Felix woman?

Lilliput & Felix Luxury Swimwear

Lilliput & Felix

Lilliput & Felix

3 thoughts on “The Secret – Lilliput and Felix

    • Yes, I love the Wisteria kimono and other cover ups but, I have so many clothes its hard to justify more. Except for the fact that I like new things. I’ll have to invent an excuse, maybe donate some older things to friends.

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