Teaching the Sissy to Focus

Teaching a sissy is not all about curtseys and spankings you know? Sometimes they want to learn new things, and I’m happy to teach them if they behave themselves.

Today I took my friend to the park for a lesson. He’s very good at learning and paying attention, but sometimes he has trouble focusing. So to make it easy we went and shot flowers with my camera.

Not only did he learn about aperture, but also how to work on a RAW file in Lightroom and Photoshop. He had virtually no experience with either but was very motivated. I promised him that if he took at least one decent photo I’d take him to the mall for a new dress.

These are two out of about 60 shots of all different kinds of young flowers. I don’t know the name of this one but I thought it was the prettiest. The first was shot in Aperture Priority at 1.8. Click on the thumbnails to see the whole thing.

Click To See Larger Image

Click To See Larger Image

This next one was shot in Aperture Priority at 2.8. A bit more detail but still with that dreamy effect you get shooting almost wide open.

Click To See Larger Image

Click To See Larger Image

I think these are fantastic photos for someone that drank a huge cup of coffee and did not use a tripod, but he had a brilliant teacher and more important, patience. The light was not great although soft light usually works well with flowers.

Later this afternoon we’ll go in search of the perfect flower print dress for him, maybe a maxi dress which are on sale everywhere now. Something like this wrapped front floral print maxi dress, which is not only sold out but its $90. Plus we need more cowbell, I mean purple.

Wrapped Front Floral Print Maxi Dress

Wrapped Front Floral Print Maxi Dress

8 thoughts on “Teaching the Sissy to Focus

  1. Wow , that is an amazing dress, and yes the crocus is beautiful. What a fortunate sissy to have someone so patient as you to instruct.
    I am envious sissy, princess

    • I didn’t buy him a dress I went shopping with him. If you go to the park with me, use your own camera and tripod, and take an awesome macro shot of a bee covered in pollen (which happens this time of year) I’ll think about it.

  2. Good Morning, Miss Teresa. Photos are very beautiful. Your friend really learned with you. Well, that is because you are such a great Master as we all girls know 🙂

    I love the dress 🙂 Hopefully someday I will own one. Of course, I’d love to go shopping with you and just enjoying the time.

    I waswondering, what your female friends say about you helping us? And your male friends? I am sure they will be amazed just like we are.


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