A Sissy Surprise

I looked at my apartment door with shock and fear. Here I was, dressed in a short pleated mini-skirt, pink silk blouse, bra, panties, sheer white stockings and heels, and locked out of my place! These thrilling evening walks to the end of the hallway and back had finally caught up with me. I quickly realized the only way back in was to knock on the door of my neighbor Melissa, a pretty redhead I barely knew. She had been kind enough to offer to keep my spare key for me.

With trepidation, I knocked on the door. After a few minutes Melissa opened the door and smiled at me.

“Hello, can I help you?” she asked in her sweet friendly manner.

“Hi Mel, it’s me Andy,” I replied in a whisper. “I was just coming back from a costume party and forgot my keys.”

Melissa’s eyes widened as she looked me up and down.

“Costume party, huh? OK, if you say so.” she said giggling. “Sure come on into the living room and have a seat while I grab your key.”

As Melissa walked away I slowly walked towards the living room, my heels clicking on the tile…


A Sissy Surprise

A Sissy Surprise

4 thoughts on “A Sissy Surprise

  1. Reblogged this on Sissytoes's Blog and commented:
    I love Miss Teresa and her work very much!! I would love to be the sissy in this story. To be fully feminized from hair to pretty toes and filmed while I suck cock and get fucked in my sissy ass would be a complete dream cum true!! I would only get more and more excited as the girls laugh, tease, and comment me on how much of a sissy fag I am. I want to be a crosdressing sissy fag internet porn star for a group of girls, constantly dressing up for the girls as they film me sucking big hard cocks and taking big yummy cocks in my sissy ass. Hopefully they would post them everywhere and force me to continue making lots of gay sissy porn!!

  2. Miss Teresa I love your beautiful stories. They are all fantasies of mine, you do know us sissy gurls rather well dont you? 🙂 I would love to be your gay, crosdressing sissy fag who dresses up for you and your friends and sucks real mens cocks as well as taking their big yummy cocks in my girly ass while you film me to post eveywhere!! Sounds like a career I would really enjoy pursuing!! I love you Miss Teresa. Love to kneel at your feet and kiss your toes, showing you how much I adore you. Kisses, Muah!! Xoxo

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