The Sissy In The Closet

I had been aware of his daily visits to my panty drawer for quite a while, and decided that it was time to teach him a lesson he would never forget. He had a room on the floor below me at college, and last term had somehow found a reason to have my key. When I started to notice that my panties were being moved around, it took a while to work out what was happening.

Who expects someone to go through their lingerie when they’re out? I certainly didn’t, but after a while it became clear that not only were my panties being disturbed, they were being worn. Worn by someone who was stretching the pretty lace and satin before putting them back, thinking I’d never notice.

Of course I noticed, I take care of my lingerie. And once I figured out my panties were turning someone else on, it didn’t take long to figure out when, and then who was responsible. Each day when I set out for classes, he would sneak into my room and spend a little time there. Each day he was last to his classes, and each day another pair of panties would show signs of being worn.

So I set a trap…


The Closet Sissy

The Closet Sissy

5 thoughts on “The Sissy In The Closet

  1. Mmm i want you to teach me a lesson as well Ms Teresa. I like to sneak into my female friends wardrobe and secretly try on lots of her pretty things and prance and pose in them. She has no idea I do this but I always hoped she would catch me and fully feminize me with her friends and humiliate me. Such a big fantasy of mine!!

  2. I am a closeted sissy crossdresser that LOVES IT. I love to dress and I have 5″ strappy bright pink heels, pink, nude and black thigh high nylons, tons of pink frilly sissy open crotch panties. and a few very short dresses. I shave and nair/veet my body and lotion daily sooo silky smooth..I have watched sooo many sissy hyno videos, they have made me a cd sissy and now I lust for Men sex and semen and anal… well I call it my pussy now. I am in Buffalo, NY I LOVE it and want to go full time cd.. sissy

  3. I am a sub sissy cock whore.. closeted mwm I LOVE COCK I LOVE to Dress Girly… I LOVE MEN/CD;s/TS/TV’s seanette55 @ outlook . com

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