Petticoat Punishment 2015-Audio Story

In the old days Petticoat Punishment was used as a form of discipline. It would often involve a boy being feminized into a sissy by a powerful female, usually a Mother or Aunt. He would then be paraded around in front of his cousins, sisters, or in some cases, girls of his own age whom he had offended by his behavior.

Petticoat Punishment included being forced to wear makeup and carry dolls, purses, and other items associated with girls. Sometimes, boys were made to perform tasks that they considered to be girls work, and to appear with their Mothers in public wearing girls clothing.

That was before psychologists knew what they now know about the mind and about behavior modification. Over the past 20 years or so, tremendous progress has been made in dealing with boys who will not stay out of the panty drawer.

The modern version of  Petticoat Punishment is not really punishment as much as pretty persuasion. With the right lingerie, hairstyle, makeup, nail polish, stockings, pantyhose, skirts, blouses, dresses, heels, jewelry and perfume, hard changes can be made.Ten out of ten crossdressing psychologists approve of and support this technique, often asking for photos.

In some cases, a Mother will even encourage her son to dress like a girl until the thrill is gone. Unfortunately, this can take months or even years.

I have an example of this method I call Practice Panties, it is a 20 minute recording and is now a free download.

Preview Practice Panties Here

Petticoat Punishment 2015

Petticoat Punishment 2015

2 thoughts on “Petticoat Punishment 2015-Audio Story

  1. Another dimension you could explore here is being forced to wear a 1950s Girl Scout uniform as part of petticoat punishment.
    Think of a story like this…a 14 year old boy is caught by his mother after she suspects him of going through her things. Unknown to him, the older, single woman next door who leads the local Girl Scout troop, has noticed things missing from her clothesline and has agreed that by working together they can “cure” him of this problem.
    After being confronted by both women, the reluctant young man soon finds himself dressed in the green uniform dress of an Intermediate Girl Scout, over the knee of his Troop Leader, receiving the first of many spankings for having refused to wear the uniform. Taken to the room where the troop’s meetings are held, he is given a 1955 Girl Scout Handbook and is told he has one hour to learn the Girl Scout Promise and Girl Scout Laws. He looks around the room and sees the American flag and Girl Scout troop flags mounted on flagpoles. Both flags, 3’X5′, are fringed and the poles have golden tassels. He looks at the golden trefoil on the troop flag and then looks at the trefoil on the cover of his Girl Scout Handbook and opens it up and begins to read.
    Unknown to him, his Troop Leader has called her two assistant leaders and invited them to witness a “new girl” as “she” is invested into the Girl Scouts in a special ceremony.
    When she opens the door, she sees “her” holding the flagpole with the Girl Scout troop flag between “her” legs and “she” is mortified. Troop Leader smiles and says “If you like flags so much I have just the punishment for you!”
    After a swift spanking, “she” finds “herself” holding the heavy wooden pole with the Girl Scout troop flag on it, with the pole’s end right on “her” crotch, with strict orders to stand at attention and to keep “her” eyes on the brass trefoil mounted at the top of the flagpole until told otherwise.

    Take it from here…

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