The Parents Guide to Buying Bras

Ah, if only your Mother had this guide when you were just a little girl. But even though you’re all gown up you’re probably still wearing the wrong bra. Did you know that an estimated 85% of men wear a bra that doesn’t fit properly?

Here are important answers to important questions such as:

  • When should my daughter first be fitted?
  • Why does she need a bra?
  • What should I be looking for when choosing a first bra for my daughter?
  • What’s the difference between a padded and a moulded foam bra?
  • What type of bra should my daughter wear during PE?
  • What if my daughter is feeling shy about having a bra fitting?

Plus four great examples of the right bra for the right reason. Be sure to check out Mish Online for great bras, lingerie, swimwear, and a very easy to understand bra fitting guide.

Parents Guide to Buying Bras

Choices, choices, choices

Choices, choices, choices

11 thoughts on “The Parents Guide to Buying Bras

  1. My first bra fitting was at Norstrom’s. They are wonderfully accommodating . Want to try on dresses? No problem? Makeup at the Clinique counter? No problem. Norstrom’s even has special fitting rooms for us special girls.

  2. Teresa, there is not a lot to tell. The store was having a bra sale. I called and asked if they would do a fitting? They said they do guys all the time.

    I have bought several dresses at Norstrom’s. All my makeup and most of my lingerie is from Norstrom’s as well. Their sales people are trained to consider all customers a customer and that includes guys buying women’s clothing. They are wonderfully understanding, accepting and sensitive.

    Special girls like me have a separate dressing room where neither women or men might be offended.

    Super nice place, nice people and nice experiences.

    • All stores should be like that, and many actually are although few men realize that. Be careful, shopping for clothes and lingerie can be very addictive. A fun addiction but it can get expensive. Thanks!

    • I recently bought a gown at Alfred Angelo’s. Style 250 in red. Gorgeous. The entire store was wonderfully supportive. I felt welcomed and was treated like any girl customer.

  3. I love your intro and the link. Also, I am sure Miss Raquel experience is something many of us want to try. Hopefully, as you say, Miss Teresa, many stores will have something like that. I think they don’t do it mostly because clients could not be very happy.

    Miss Raquel, I’d love to know if possible, bra fitting they did it in that special fitting room? Makeup and the other experiences, how you felt with other clients watching?

    Beautiful weekend.

    • The bra fitting took place in their gender neutral area. It had to; I was shirtless at some points and wearing a bra at others.

      It took me decades to be comfortable for my femininity. Here are some keys for shopping for girl’s things or going to a salon :

      Tell the truth . No stories about losing a bet.
      Staff are not there to fulfill your fantasies or your fetishes. If you do not intend to make a purchase do not waste the sales people’s time.
      Be professional, be nice. Dress appropriately. At the salon tip generously.
      Once you find a understanding place stay with them. I have gone to the same salon for years. The staff is wonderfully accepting and understanding. I have my own shopper at Nordstrom’s.
      Be comfortable. If you are nervous and uncomfortable people pick up on those clues.
      Most other customers will ignore you. I have never been hassled or called names. At Alfred Angelo’s the mother of another bride told me how nice I looked in my gown of choice. I cried a little she was so kind to me.

      I love being a girl. I think the people in the stores and the salon realize that and they appreciate it.

      All the best, Miss Raquel

  4. Thanks Miss Raquel. I appreciate the tips and even more that you share your experience with us.

    I also have issues sometimes with my femininity and thankfully now I am doing better. Of course, still far away from what you are now. Hopefully, one day 🙂 Glad that Miss Teresa helps and now also for reading your advice.

  5. Jazmin, I knew I wanted to be a girl since about age 7. When we did our first holy communion in 1st grade I knew I wanted to wear that frilly dress and veil. But I could never express that thought. Years later I discovered my aunt’s fancy dresses and gowns in my grandmother’s attic. My aunt caught me. She was kind, understanding, accepting and non judgmental. That’s when I knew for sure that I wished I was a girl. I felt fulfilled, comfortable and thrilled to finally express my femininity. It took many,many years and an understanding and much beloved wife to get me to where I now find myself. You know it is just clothes. Why is society so judgmental about men who enjoy and feel comfortable in dresses?

    • Hi, Miss Raquel. I think Society is judgmental because they feel perfect. Also, because many men are the best thing in the world so being a girl is bad. And because many don’t want to be girls like us, they want to do bad things, so many are afraid. Of course that is wrong. And that is why we need to show that there are 99% good ones and other percent not so good. I know the feeling of being judge for woman life even when being a male. As I said, far from being a girl like you are. And yes, we need that support. I am glad you have it 🙂

      I judge myself too, I have lots of problems to find my inner girl and feel good with her. Alway felt that I was betraying my born gender so tried so hard to not be girly. Even more because like you, I like women and you know the things many say thinking gender and sexual preferences are the same. And, I onle feel better with myself after finding Miss Teresa. She is a fantastic human.

      I never have been caught or being helped, so I think I need to do more to find support. I think I noticed that wanted to be a girl when discovered lingerie. I wanted that, even asked mom when I could have my first bra. Yes, later she and I forget about that.

      So thanks for your comments, Miss Raquel. They are very helpful to me. Nice day 🙂

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