At the Crazy Farm

Are you looking for an adorable cotton nightdress with the popular phrase: Hello, We Love Crazy Farm and a cartoon cow? Well Indian lingerie retailer Zivame sells them but they are currently out of stock (you can be notified when they get more).

Zivame company Co-founders Richa Kar and Kapil Karekar said they started Zivame to re imagine the lingerie industry, and the difficulties within the lingerie buying experience in India.

Now pay attention because this is interesting. In India, most lingerie stores are staffed by men, which can make women shopping for bras and panties feel awkward. Lingerie stores everywhere else are staffed by women, which can make crossdressers, transvestites and sissies shopping for bras and panties feel awkward there.

Crazy right? Check out this Sleeveless Nightdress as well as all kinds of other great stuff including bras, panties, shapewear, comfortwear, activewear, swimwear, accessories and more.

Zivame Lingerie

Hello Love Sleeveless Nightdress

Hello Love Sleeveless Nightdress

3 thoughts on “At the Crazy Farm

  1. Hello Miss Teresa, about Halloween, I know! Maybe one day I will be that day in USA and enjoy it. Here (mexico) almost no parties, at least that is my experience and mostly is for kids.

    About this post, I think lingerie stores women staffed are much much better. Once we feel comfortable, then experience is amazing. Besides, in my case, sometimes received tips from them. Yes, they thought I was buying for girl, but was very helpful. I just remember that sometime ago read an article about a male working on Victorias Secrets. It is very interesting.

    I also want one nightdress like this one. Looks amazing. And yes, the girl is so beautiful and the posse too.

    Xoxo, Miss Teresa.

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