Three Reasons Why You Need A Panty Girdle

The first two reasons are beer and pizza. Its one thing to eat a slice and have a few beers, but most guys I know have no self control. Did you know that a bottle of regular beer has about 150 calories? And if you have a few you’re probably going to have a few more. Six more? Twelve more? A case?

Then you and your friends get the munchies and order pizza, plural, as in several pizzas. The next day not only do you feel like crap, but your dress has suddenly shrunk. Now what?

One very practical and fun solution is the panty girdle. They come in different shapes, sizes, colors and styles. This one I found on eBay for £4.49. That’s $6.79 U.S. dollars.

Panty Girdle Knickers

Panty Girdle Knickers

Now let’s get to the most important reason why you need a panty girdle. They hold you in where you need to be held in, I think the main place is obvious.

Of course not every man needs shapewear. You may work out, drink moderately, and eat only healthy food. You may have such a tiny unit that there is no reason to hold it in. And you may look drop dead gorgeous in absolutely everything you wear.

Here is a man that may or may not wear a panty girdle and may or may not work out, but he does look fantastic in everything.

Note: some men report that the bondage like feeling of extreme girdles and corsets can be highly erotic, especially in satin. Your results may vary.

Alena Mnsk

Alena Mnsk

8 thoughts on “Three Reasons Why You Need A Panty Girdle

  1. Girdles are highly erotic, sensuous, pretty and sexy to many. They provide support and a glorious place to attach your stockings. Every girl knows how sexy the pull of stockings on garters feels. Rago has a glorious assortment of girdles, waist cinchers and the pure ultimate: the all in one foundation garment.

    • Miss Raquel, your comments could have been written by me! I’m a huge fan of the Rago products, and wouldn’t be seen dead in the modern so-called “shapewear” which looks, frankly, ugly. I’ve long believed that as someone who needs a bit of help with my figure, that help shouldn’t be something that I would be ashamed or embarrassed to be seen in 😳

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