Crossdressing-out of the closet and into the living room

In the old days, most crossdressers would simply put on a pair of panties and prance around the house. Then maybe, just maybe, they would get very brave and add stockings or pantyhose, a bra and a dress.

On a few occasions they might even put on a cute wig, makeup and nail polish, maybe even high heels, but rarely did they take pictures of themselves and share them with the world. Though the times they are a changin, and now you can easily find thousands of photos of pretty boys and men in panties all over the web.

I’ve put together a select group of my favorite crossdressers from Pinterest in two new boards: Pretty Boys and Men in Panties. I think this will give you a better perspective of just how many men like to dress up as girls. You might even want to begin taking some photos of yourself and spread them around.

Note: these two boards are repinned from the manly men of Pinterest, so some of these “girls” might even be actual girls, or maybe they became girls, its very hard to tell sometimes.

Update: I found out that this photo is Shemale Pornstar Nicole Ribeiro, so not quite your average pretty boy.

Pretty Boys on Pinterest

Pretty Boys on Pinterest

Pretty Boys on Pinterest

8 thoughts on “Crossdressing-out of the closet and into the living room

  1. I can’t believe she is a he. I don’t want to be in the closet or livingroom. Lets go to the bedroom Mistress Teresa!

  2. Dearest Teresa,
    Started out so long ago with a pair of panties and now a whole wardrobe, Panties, pantyhose every day. I wake up in a pink lacy nighty, pocket bra with falsies, panties and a wig I wear at night. Once up I change into my ash blond wig and put on my favorite bra, Bali long line size 42D with latex breasts. Fresh panties, pantyhose, padded panty, 4″ black pumps with ankle straps, a full slip. Then I put on my makeup and have a cup of coffee.Around the house in every room are framed photos of me, Lisa. My measurements are 47-36-50 I’ll have to put on a dress before I can go get the newspaper. Another beautiful day.
    Sincerely, Lisa

  3. I’ve enjoyed silk panties on ME from ten till now at 44 my wife would not let me were panties her mom lives with us the wife works out of town every other week so Mom and I spend a lot of time together her mom is very sexy when wife was gone I love wearing my panties under my clothes one day mom saw I have Them on she asked me to show her she told me she has a pantie fedish and that one is too give a Man a silk panties blow job I pulled my shorts down let her see my Pink pantied cock now my fantasy is too find a woman that likes this and gets horney from it she grabbed my cock rubbing it telling me how sexy I look next thing she puts her mouth on it my first panties blow job ever we had a ten year’s of play she has passed now no longer with my wife looking for a woman to have fun with you must enjoy silk panties however would like to send a picture reach me at


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