Is There A Panty Heaven?

Yes Virginia, there is a Panty Heaven, and its on Etsy. A woman named Anna Protsenko has a shop there and this is her mission statement:

“There is something timeless about classy slips and high waist girdles. As a former design student, who was told on too many occasions to count that my designs were outlandish, I feel I have found the ultimate outlet for my wild creations. Its about transformation, and a personal statement. Sometimes to flaunt, and sometimes to hold as your own little secret.”

She also has slips, peignoirs, and all kinds of silky, satin things for those of you that like wild creations and having your own little secret. Remember, every time a bell rings, a sissy gets new panties.

Pantie Heaven on Etsy

Pantie Heaven on Etsy

Pantie Heaven on Etsy

2 thoughts on “Is There A Panty Heaven?

  1. I was just looking at your Is There A Panty Heaven? I just want to tell you that heaven for me is pantyhose and only pantyhose. And panties. And Lipstick. Yes, heaven is panties, pantyhose and lipstick. And being tied up. And spanked. And…..

  2. Hi my name is Loraine and I just wanted to drop you a quick note. I have found that a man can never have too many pairs of panties. Maybe that’s why I will be on a new episode of Panty Hoarders. Curtsy.

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