What is the difference between a Crossdresser, a Transvestite and a Sissy?

Good question, complicated answer. Now pay attention because this gets involved. All transvestites and sissies are crossdressers by definition because they dress up in clothes of the opposite sex, but not all crossdressers are transvestites or sissies.

A crossdresser may be a transvestite or sissy, or even both depending on the day, weather conditions and heels available.

Remember though, that these are just labels. If a boy wants to dress up as a girl he can call himself anything he wants. He can simply dress up and prance around the house for a while, or dress up and go out to a bar to look for a boyfriend.

There is one little known way to tell the difference with 85% accuracy, if for some reason you feel the need to know. A crossdresser tends to take better photos.

This has yet to be scientifically proven, although not for lack of volunteers. The scientists tend to be crossdressers as well as transvestites with sissy tendencies, and most of the photos end up all wet and sticky.

For more psychological theories of crossdressing and fetish you can listen to The Psychology of Crossdressing here.

Pretty as a picture

Pretty as a picture

12 thoughts on “What is the difference between a Crossdresser, a Transvestite and a Sissy?

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  2. Actually, for me, they are different, confusing shades.
    With very thin but transcendent to adjust the label lines.
    Finally, as you said, the reality, knows no borders, limits or labels.
    Thank you very much for sharing your contributions.
    Best regards.

  3. Transvestites are not intoverted or shy. They are acomplished and brazen about their feminity. Crossdressers are shy and intoverted. Generally not to good in thier feminity but improving with practice. Most who follow a kink are crossdressers, such as sissys.

  4. I’m not sure what I am. I love to dress up in lingerie and watch transsexual porn which I masturbate to. Most of the time, I fantasize about being the person that is doing the fellating. Whether it’s the guy or the gurl doesn’t matter. I do like being with transsexuals. I’m guessing I’m probably a sissy.

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