He dresses up as a girl and has sex with men

Teresa asked me to confess my hottest fantasy, the hottest fantasy of my dirty, sissy mind. I have several, of course, I have quite the active mind, some are kind of vanilla (relatively so, I mean, S/M is kind of vanilla, right?)

Strap on sex…that’s a hot fantasy…but the hottest? Bride, French Maid. Hot, yes, but hottest?

Because I’m thinking not just “hottest” but naughty, even taboo. And I’m not just thinking fantasy, but something that I’d toe the line about turning into reality…almost.

What is my hottest fantasy, then? I want to submit to a man. Wait, that’s not so hot, is it?

Maybe not, but there’s a twist, a small, subtle twist that, if it happened, would drive me wild day after day after day. The twist? I want to submit to a man I know.

Again, not that hot…but wait, there’s more…


Sissy Confessions

Sissy Confessions

13 thoughts on “He dresses up as a girl and has sex with men

  1. I find that to be a huge fantasy for me as well. I get very excited picturing myself fully feminized from my wig down to my pretty pink painted sissy toes while I go down on a sexy real mans cock. I would suck and lick his cock and hot man balls, getting him nice and hard before bending over and letting him fuck my girly ass and making me his sissy gurl!! mmmmm, very arousing fantasy indeed!!! 🙂

  2. Well, at first I was only attracted to men while crossdressed but now I find myself looking at men even while I am dressed in mens clothes. I think I would be more into servicing my man while dressed like the girl I feel I am on the inside though. I love to feel feminine and girly while I tease and please my sexy man, or men.

  3. I would love to have Mistress Teresa Bowers take me a Straight white Male and give me a more sensual Sexual life .a sissy mind and body, if u will.a sexy sissy submissive Bimbo Girlie SLUTTY mind and body, and make me answer to the name SISSY!

  4. I want to give some boys. like high school ones, a blow job. And do it in a playground where maybe someone might see me. Of course they would make me put on a heer leader outfit first

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