The Creative Crossdresser

I put together a new Pinterest board called Lingerie For Men, and it wasn’t as easy as you’d think. Out of hundreds of great photos of beautiful women in lingerie only a few stood out. Only a few were really different, or what I think of as creative.

Yes, they were all gorgeous, and they were all wearing incredible pieces of lingerie in pretty colors, but most had the same expression and pose. Either they were sitting in a chair, often backwards, leaning against a wall, or lying on a couch or bed.

The same is true for the thousands of photos of crossdressers I see all over the web, especially Pinterest. So these photos are meant to give you some ideas and inspiration to try something new, rather than take a quick selfie in your bathroom.

For example, many of you don’t want to show your face so you blur it or crop out your head. The photo below is a fantastic example of a way to do something different, something creative that you’ll be proud to show your friends at work and post online.

As Ansel Adams once said: “There are no rules for good photographs, there are only good photographs.” OK that’s actually a bit confusing, but take what you can from it.

Lingerie For Men on Pinterest

Lingerie For Men on Pinterest

Lingerie For Men on Pinterest

15 thoughts on “The Creative Crossdresser

    • Well of course you shave your legs right? Try a very wide aperture and focus on one area. Or even try photos of your legs in stockings and heels or a rear view. You’ll see plenty of examples on the Pinterest board. AND USE A TRIPOD!

    • You’re very welcome. You might notice I’ve limited all my boards to 85 photos or less. I think its better to start a new one rather than post a thousand or more together like many do.

  1. I become a real nail polish girl too! I love stroking my legs with my long red nails. It makes me feel like a classy woman

    • If you ever get frustrated remember this: thousands if not millions of women have trouble with makeup. You also didn’t have the advantage of practicing with your girlfriends from a very early age.

  2. Theresa,
    thank you so much for your words.
    Your blog is lovely.
    You are right, it is much better to do a good monitoring boards have a small number of images.
    That way you can be more selective and precise.

    I have not gotten to try it, but in relation to the possibilities to make own images, it can also be helpful, have a remote control and even a screen where you can appreciate the details of the frame of the photo.

    Thank you very much for sharing. Best regards.

  3. I’ve become such a nail polish girl already. I love stroking my nylon covered legs with my long red nails. I like my nails to look classy not trashy, I do my makeup with a bright lipstick too, Just a few more things to help me feel like a woman

  4. Teresa…Thank you so much for your encouraging words. A girl like me need all the help she can get. And you are right about it being in your mind. When I look in my full length mirror and see a woman in a dress looking back at me it is truly a wonderful feeling

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