Man’s Preference for Panties Gives Girlfriend Pause

DEAR ABBY: My boyfriend has worn panties since he was 12. We are both 20 and have been together for a year. I know it’s odd, but I’ve always thought it was cute and, admittedly, sexy. We will graduate from college next year and are thinking about our futures.

I’ve been doing some reading and am concerned that he may have some repressed tendencies. He says he does not, and gets quiet and stubborn and won’t discuss it. He always dresses as a female character for Halloween, wearing my undies. This year he went as Lady Gaga.

Are these good-enough reasons to be worried? And if so, what should I do? – TESTED IN TAMPA

DEAR TESTED: Whether or not you should worry depends upon what you are worried about. I am more concerned that your boyfriend is unwilling to discuss this than what he’s wearing under his Levis.

If you’re afraid he may not be 100 percent heterosexual, you should know that some straight men wear ladies’ panties because they like the way they feel. Also, some men who enjoy cross-dressing have successful marriages to women who aren’t threatened by it and who help them do it.

Repressed Tendencies?

Repressed Tendencies?

6 thoughts on “Man’s Preference for Panties Gives Girlfriend Pause

  1. My aunt caught me trying on her dresses around age 10. She was wonderfully understanding, sensitive, caring and accepting. She helped me become the girl I had dreamed of. On some level panties are just cloth. Why society makes such an issue of gender when it comes to clothing I will never understand.

    • Underwear is maybe just cloth, panties represent something completely different and you know that. As for society, people tend to judge others based on the things they don’t like about themselves.

  2. I started out dressing up for the exciting feelings of the lace and other pretty clothes agaisnt my freshly shaved legs. After awhile however, I started liking the idea of dressing up for a man and pleasing him while fully crossdressed. I have always liked women, but I constantantly fantasize about aving sex with other men, and even other crossdressing men like myself. I have never acted on these urges, but I think as xmuchsfantasizing as I do, I eventually will act on these urges and have sex with other men. I know not all crossdressing men are the same and alot of crossdressing men are probably straight, but I think I am bisexual. Technically, I would be bi curious because I have never slept with a man, yet. I feel soon I will and I that I will be fully hooked on gay sex and constantly sleep with other men afterwards, but I still love women as well.

  3. I am 43 and have been wearing womens panties every day for about 18 of them,tbh i am bi sexual not gay and married to my best friend who loves it as much as i do!

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